Sunday, August 27, 2006

Seeing Red

Dan had a football scrimmage yesterday in Ogdensburg. Well, actually the JV team had a scrimmage. Dan wasn't allowed to play yesterday since he missed the first day of practice because his father thought it was more important to spend an extra day in Syracuse doing nothing than getting him back home for practice. Yes, I'm quite bitter. Dan's worked so hard all summer. He has a starting position for the opening day game this coming weekend for defense and is in the top three for offense too. No other freshman has ever been given a starting position. My little man is amazing. I'm so proud.

Anyway, even though we knew Dan wouldn't be playing we still wanted to be there so we drove 2 hours (one way) to watch the scrimmage. Dan was given the honor of operating the camcorder for coach. I have to say that I am in love with the coach. He's been fantastic with Dan. He's very encouraging and seems to have gone out of his way to make Dan feel special. With all that goes on with my crazy ex, it really means a lot that he has reached out to my baby.

We watched the teams throw each other around for the entire 3 hours and then hung with Dan while he grabbed a bite to eat at the tailgate party. When the bus pulled up we said our goodbyes and love yous and headed for the van. I hopped in and pulled the visor down to check my hair (hey, we were up by the lake and it was very windy) and couldn't believe what I saw. My face was red. I mean Santa Claus coat red. Fire engine red. Little red corvette red.

It still hurts today.

No, I won't be posting pictures.

I really look that ridiculous.



monica said...

Get the Aloe out. That happened to me a few weeks ago during a fund raiser, we were out in the sun all day. I looked like an over cooked lobster. At least it only hurts for a few days, right.

Lisa said...

Sorry you got such a sunburn! I hope Dan has a great season!

Starfish said...

Yikes! Well in a few days hopefully it will subside to a nice healthy glow. Use lots of moisturizer or you will peel like a banana!

ollie said...

you poor baby!!! you'll be nice & tan soon!!!!
thanks for the post on my sox...they really did swirl nicely!!
just a reminder to please let me know when the next secret pal swap is so I can join up...I'm gettin itchy!!! LOL!!!

Leslie said...

awwwwww, Kerry - c'mon and let us see!!!

Are you positively SURE Dan just can't plain refuse to get into the car to go visit the sperm donor?? Let's face it, the jerk's not going to come up with any $ for college tuition so what the heck - Dan should be allowed to cut the string......... But then, I'm known for my hardas*ed attitude about non-resident, non-supportive (emotionally and/or financially) parental units.

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