Tuesday, August 01, 2006

We're Having A Heat Wave

Too. Hot. To. Knit.

Seriously. I've even planted my arse directly in front of the living room air conditioner and my hands are still sweaty and sticky. Yuck. My thermometer is in the SHADE and reads 101 degrees plus it's humid. Every pore on my skin was sweating while I spent 2 hours vacumming the pool for the kids to swim in for an hour, complain that it's too hot to be outside and then go in. Next year we're hiring a pool boy.

I finished the first Crusoe sock the other night and cast on for the second.

I decided to carry the pattern down the foot and am really glad that I did. I love the way the yarn finally decided to play nice with a pattern. It's suppose to be down into the high 40's by the end of the week. God I hope so. If it is I'll be finishing the pair then. If it stays like this it won't be done until December.


Lisa said...

That sock looks great! I have an ornery skein that might want to be that pattern too!

Maureen said...

Love the socks. They are on my list to do shortly, well before the end of the summer. I also noticed you are in upstate! Where it is hot, hot, hot! me too!

ck said...

I like the pattern down the foot too.

I notice your on again as a hostess for SP9...you must be a glutton for punishment, lol :)

I want to offer the same discount at Diva Knitting as I did for SP8. Could you please contact me so I can send you the details via email? Thanks!

kelly said...

Amateur! Come down to Texas and I'll show you hot! Just kidding; I know you guys (sorry, I mean "y'all") are suffering too.

Your sock looks lovely. :)

Leslie said...

At least you have a/c, honey girl. We don't as we only "need" it about 7 days a year - thank god for fans is all I can say about now. That and thank god for cold roasted chicked from the grocers, and salads from Subway and McD's :)

hugs from the hot humid wilds of North Central MA

Maureen said...

I am just outside of Saratoga Springs in Ballston Spa. We get up to Lake Placid about every other year or so. Such a lovely ride on the motorcycle!
PS love the crocs!

Anonymous said...

Love the sock! And it does go very well using that yarn. Good choice lady!

I am enjoying the cooler weather, now that it has arrived. I hope you are too. Back to my knitting!


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