Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Back to School

Today was the first day of school. It went really well. Dan got up and ready and didn't seem at all nervous about his first day of high school. I'm still wondering exactly where the time has gone. One day you're blowing snot bubbles out your nose because you can't stop crying because you've had to leave your baby at his first day of kindergarten then you blink and you're blowing snot bubbles out your nose because your baby is leaving to start his first day of high school. It's just not right. Darcie got up on her own this morning and jumped right in the shower. This is HUGE. There are claw marks on the walls leading to the bathroom from just last week when I dragged her in there. She put on a bra and deodorant without being told to AND got dressed in a really nice outfit that she picked out herself. She couldn't wait to get to school this morning. I've never seen her so excited. She looked so grown up. One more year of elementary school and then she'll be starting middle school. I'm afraid to blink.

The house was really quiet today. Dailaesse and I took Dixie out to run around the yard and on the way out back I felt something bite the top of my foot. I had my Crocs on and couldn't get them off fast enough. I saw nothing fly or crawl out of my shoe and there was nothing in it either but I felt the worse pain I think I've ever felt in my life. Seriously. This made labor pale in comparison. My mother looked at it tonight when she got home and said it looked like a bee sting to her. If it is, I've obviously outgrown my allergy to bees because I'm still breathing. For a couple hours after I got bit there was a quarter size white welt surrounding the red dot that you can still see here.

My foot is still red but not nearly as bad as it was earlier. I just can't believe that it still hurts and it would make me feel so much better if I knew what it was that bit me. Anything that causes a person that much pain should not be allowed to live. Since I don't know exactly what it was I'll be squashing everything and anything that crosses my path.

Like my paint job? Dailaesse did that for me the other day. She loves it when we do each others nails.


Starfish said...

Oooh bee sting, ouchie. That's weird that it got you right there. Hey guess what, I've got a pair of CROCS now too!! Pink ones even! Don't be jealous!

And on the growing up thing, I just had an adoptive mom tell me that it's not fair they grow up so fast after you wait for an eternity for them to come into your lives. Oh well, its part of life I guess.

monica said...

My left foot looks the same way, my foot was so swollen and my toe looked like a sausage. I think mine was a spider bite. My youngest paints my toe nails too. My husband can't believe I let the public see them after they have been painted by Lauren, but she loves it.

Anonymous said...

So sorry about your foot. I got bitten by something on my arm months back. It swelled up and was really painful for quite some time. Even now there are still scars where the bites occurred. I still have no idea what bit me, but it will be a long time before I forget about it! haha


Anonymous said...


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