Sunday, September 03, 2006

Storm Warning

Several years ago the school board decided that the name of our sports team had to be changed. Since the beginning of time, we were known as the Saranac Lake Redskins. The board came up with 3 lame assed names and put them out to the students and teachers to vote on. The lesser of the 3 evils won and we are now the Saranac Lake Red Storm. See, lame assed. I still don't know what the problem was. We have several reservations within 50 miles of us and not once did I hear of the Native Americans going on the war path over our name. Anyway, both our JV and Varsity football teams won against Beekmantown on Saturday. This was the opening game and Dan was so psyched that he was going to be able to play. Dan's going into 9th grade and plays on the JV team. They won 18 to 6! He was beaming. So was I. I'm so proud of him. He did a great job out on the field with his team. I wish I had pictures to share, but when we got to the field and I turned the camera on it flashed it's little "low battery" sign and shut itself back off. Opening game and no pictures. That really sucked. I'll have to keep and eye on the school's website to see if they post some.

In knitting news, I've tried 3 times to get this damn shawl started and it's just not working. I can't for the life of me figure out what the problem is now. Yesterday I knew it was because I insisted (like a dumb ass) on using a Turbo to knit it with. So I went to the LYS and bought a Bryspun needle. It's still not working. I'm definitely not a lace virgin so I have to blame the knitting gods. This must be their occasional way of keeping me real. Bastards.

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Starfish said...

Oh I've had those days...I started a sock like 6 times before I got it right, and I am no sock virgin. I like to think it's the knitting gods way of saying, "you need to start something else too". :)

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