Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Perfect Pick Me Ups

This arrived in the mail yesterday from Marga. She was one of the winners of my last drawing for my SP8 group and she sent these gorgeous markers and card. I was so touched to think she took time out to do something so sweet for me. Thanks so very much Marga! It was a pleasure having you in my group!

My friend Laura told me she'd share some of her lemon balm with me once it dried. When I picked up the box sitting on the mail post yesterday I thought she might have sent an entire plant. Nope.
This is what she sent. Teas, teas, and more teas. I had a cup of Happy Christmas and Raspberry last night and they were both so good. I'm planning on trying a couple more later today. And yarns. OMG the yarns! My favorite is the natural colored hank on the left. It is so soft and appears to be handspun. Laura says she thinks it's Alpaca and I can't say I disagree since it's that soft. Dailaesse promptly swiped Mickey Mouse and Yoda. And of course, there is her very own organic lemon balm in there too. Thank you so very much Laura! What an amazing and thoughtful package! I appreciate you so very much for thinking of me.


Polly said...

The beads on those stitch markers are gorgeous! (Everything else is so cute too)

Starfish said...

Very cool gifts! Lucky you! What is the lemon balm used for?

:L, Laura said...

so glad you're pleased.
thought magic mickey and yoda would find a happy home.
the lovely bluey colors are from argh... buffy shelridge farms
hand paints.
that's the colorway i used for my Arwen Evenstar design "elven princess"
.. the other hand paint is from a yarn show in seattle and i've lost the label. she only had the one but it's 100% merino and handpaint.

Shelby said...

Talk about a fabulous mail day!! I LOVE the blue/teal handpaint- absolutely lovely!

Firefly said...

Just a token for all of the hard work you did with SP8. I am organising my first swap and I can't imagine how you guys kept it together with so may participants!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful of Laura to be so kind, thoughful and generous. And if anyone deserves such gifts, it is yourself. I'm happy for you, and I know that you will do beautiful things with the lovely yarn while relaxing with your tasty teas.


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