Saturday, September 02, 2006

Like Father, Like Daughter

My dad has a terrible memory. Seriously. I could call him this very minute and tell him something and if you asked him about it tomorrow he wouldn't remember having spoken to me. He's been like this for as long as I can remember so I'm not overly concerned about it at this point. Plus, his lack of memory seems to be selective at times. When Dan was little (maybe 3 or 4) my parents would call to be sure we were home before they'd come to visit. They would always ask Dan if there was anything special he wanted at the store while they were out. One day he had asked my Dad to bring him some sort of special treat. Dan stood on the arm of the chair and waited for them to arrive with said treat. About an hour later my parents pulled into the driveway. Dan started running circles around the living room waiting for them to make their way into the house. They walked in and he ran for my dad. Of course my father scooped him up and snuggled him. As soon as he did that, Dan's shoved his hand into my dad's shirt pocket (this is where he keeps small treats, has since I was little) and came out with nothing but a terrible look on his little face. "Papa, where's my treat?" He had forgotten. Papa's face got red, he apologized profusely to Dan, and he turned to walk out of the house to go to the store. When he got back Dan thanked him for his treat but he let him know that his "remembory" wasn't that good. We still use that word every now and then. :-)

I promise I didn't forget about the drawing for my blogiversary on purpose, but I did forget. I remembered this morning and went back through the comments to write everyone's name on a piece of paper. I put you all in Dailaesse's Dora backpack and drew a winner.


Thanks so much to everyone who played along!


Lisa said...

I seem to have that "remembory" problem too! :(

monica said...

My kids used to say that too. I have the memory loss from time to time, I think we are just too busy these days.

Javajem said...

Yeah!! I'm so excited I won! I've never won anything on a blog contest before. Woohoooo!!

Thanks Kerry!!


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