Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Slitherin' Along

Are you guys as sick of looking at this sock as I am starting it? I don't want to tell you how many times I've ripped this stupid thing since the last time I posted about it. I thought the last time I posted that I was off and running with it but it turns out I wasn't. I don't even remember anymore what the problem was, but it was enough to make me rip it. If it weren't for the fact that I love this pattern & that I have the other sock completed, the entire project would have been tossed in the garbage by now. The cuff of this sock is 7" long and the skein is only 400 yards. I started to worry that I might not have enough to make the pair. So I dug through my PayPal receipts and found the email address for the seller I bought the yarn from. I was thrilled to hear that he still had a ball of yarn in the same color and dye lot so I ordered it. And several others.

Aren't they pretty? I couldn't have that one little skein of yarn travelling by itself and since they were still only $3.95 a ball I took one of each of the colors he had left.

These adorable little critters arrived in the mail last week. Are they not the cutest little things you've ever seen? Santa Sheep markers. They were custom made by Pink Sheep. I see her store is empty right now, but I believe she's working on some new stuff to put in.

I want you all to know that I've not tossed Gaia aside in favor of another yarn. I've been swatching. I think after ripping for the 6th time last night that I've finally decided on a pattern. I'll post a picture as soon as I have something interesting enough to post.

Saturday was spent at the football game. Both JV and varsity won again. The boys are undefeated and I hope their winning streak continues. This week they play under the lights on Friday. They're all really looking forward to the night game.

Gouverneur is a really tough team and the sophmores were pretty much the only ones on the field this game. Dan (74) was bummed to spend so much time on the sidelines.

He gave it his all when he did get out there though. See him gettng ready to take out the opposing player? That's my little man.


Maia said...

You are a trooper for perservering on the sock. I don't know if I would have stuck with it through so many attempts.

That yarn is very nice. Does the seller have a website?

Great action shots of the football! That is not an easy thing to capture.

Stephanie said...

Great sock yarn...you have a serious addiction, and I fear you are pulling me down with you. Glad you got yourself some pink sheep too.


TheAmpuT said...

Oh, no...can't have one lonely skein travelling alone LOLOL.

I think I made a pair using that same colorway in the top row on the right. Fun!

Miss Priss Knits said...

Those are Super Cute Sheep Markers. Wanna hear something funny, she emailed me by mistake and said sorry it's taken so long for her to get done with the sheep markers. I wrote back and was like huh? Now I know who they were for:)

Javajem said...

Those santa sheep stitch markers are too cute! I love them!

Polly said...

haha that deal turned into an expensive pair of socks to finish but I would have done the same!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Dan the Man!

The little sheep markers are adorable! The new sock yarn is yummy! And I'm proud of you for sticking with that pattern through everything. Can't wait to see the finished socks. I'm sure they will be well worth all of your valiant efforts.

Diane said...

That skein would have been lonely traveling by itself. You did the right thing by giving it a couple friends to travel with.

Go Dan!

Maureen said...

Lovely yarn! Any chance you'll share the seller with me? I am a sucker for sock yarn! Your socks are coming along really well. And boy, those are some awfully sute santa sheep!

drlaura said...

great football action!
your dude is awesome!!!

love the yarn color. great choices
blessings, :L

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