Wednesday, February 20, 2008

At the End of My Rainbow

Duder loves to do crafty things. She pointed out to me the other night in the middle of a minor meltdown (she was WAY over tired) that I don't play with her as much as I used to. She said I spend too much time doing housework these days. (I know several people who would beg to differ with that statement.) So I promied that I would make a better effort to spend more time doing Duder things each day. Yesterday I poked around on Nick Jr for a few minutes and found a really cool game. She and I colored Spongebob and his pants after lunch and patiently waited for Dan and Darcie to be done school so they could play too. I'm always amazed when the kids have such a blast with something so incredibly simple. 2 pieces of paper and all 3 of them played for a little more than an hour and laughed like crazy the entire time. There's nothing better than the sound of happy kiddos. Duder declared yesterday the best day of her life. I had fun too. I got to be the blindfolder and the spinner.

Now that Valentine's Day is over Duder's focus is on St. Patty's Day. So I looked around online while she was in school this morning and came up with some really neat ideas.

The kids and I made this after school today. They all traced their hands on the construction paper and cut them out. I made the cloud, stuffed it, and assembled the hands when they were done. Now we have a rainbow so the leprechauns can leave a pot of gold next month when they visit.


Working Mom Knits said...

Oh! Fantastic!
Mind if I share this idea?

TheAmpuT said...

That is so great. Me thinks you should secretly get out the gold spray paint so you can leave behind some "lucky money". (teehee!)

Anonymous said...

Oh my,
All that yum yum yarn to play with, and an adorable rainbow too. Hope those Leprechauns leave you a huge pot of gold too.


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