Sunday, February 03, 2008

S is 4...

SALE!!! At Adirondack Yarns. Which is where I'm off to in just a few minutes. Sue's offering 20% off all yarn purchased in the store and 10% off all yarn purchased online. If you should happen to buy something online don't be put off by the shipping charges. The website is still fairly new and Sue's having trouble with the shipping. She said the rates seemed quite high online but is still only charging actual cost. If you want to know the correct total you can give her a call and she'll be happy to tell you what it'll be.

STASH!!! Which will be growing when I get home from the sale today. :-) Pictures tomorrow. I plan to buy some alpaca to knit into an afghan.

SUPER BOWL!!! I can't wait to watch the game tonight. GO GIANTS!!!

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