Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Cookie, Cookie, Cookie Starts with "C"

Ok guys, I'm so totally in love with Cookie A.'s sock patterns that I decided to start a swap over on swap-bot. Although I already own her Marilinda and Twisted Flower patterns, I'm hoping that if I swap with someone else I might be nudged to ACTUALLY knit one of her patterns. If you're interested in the details go check out the swap page. The Loopy Ewe has quite a few of her patterns as well as some awesome yarn to go with. :-)


TheAmpuT said...

this whole swap-bot thing is a foreign concept to dorky non-computer savvy ol' me...but cookie's patters aren't foreign to me at all! I a bought a pile of them at Stitches last year. Awesome patterns, yes!

Shelby said...

Ooh, looks like fun! And easy, since you can order from TLE, and have it shipped right ot your pal! I may have to sign up for that one!

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