Saturday, February 02, 2008

Smokin' Good Time

Thank you so very much to all of you who offered advice and opinions on what I should do with the scarf kit and sock. I've decided I'm definitely returning the scarf and will write an email to the company to let them know I returned it and why. Just to refresh their memories.

I've also decided to keep going on the sock for my dad. I brought it to breakfast with me this morning and got a big thumbs on it. I went down to the size 1 needle when I started the heel flap and will finish the sock off with it. I think the fit will be just fine. He has pretty narrow feet but instead of doing my usual every row decrease through the gusset I'm going to do it every other row instead just to be safe. I think it'll work out fine.

In other news, my 16.5 year old son is at his very first sleep over tonight. I was shocked. He and one of the other kids from football went to dinner tonight to discuss all things Super Bowl. He called when they were done and said they were going to go put gas in the truck then asked if he could go spend the night to hang out and watch a couple movies. They were also going to go litter the yard at the medical center with pink flamingos for the art club. His friends dad is the head of the art department at the high school and I believe the flamingos go in the yards of the supporters of the department. They are such a great family and I'm so glad they've become such great friends. I have to admit it's a little odd having my little man out at a friends house. Darcie is at the asshole's house this weekend so it's really quiet here. Thank God Duder is here to provide a little noise and entertainment.

Speaking of entertainment...on Tuesday night we went over to my parents for cupcakes to celebrate her birthday. My mother put some of those stupid trick candles in her cupcakes. She blew a couple times and of course couldn't get them to go out. Darcie asked if she could blow some out and Duder screamed at her. She told her she had to blow out her wish by herself so it would come true. Too funny. What wasn't so funny was when we had finally got them out and sat down for the cupcakes, I realized she had cinged her hair on the damn candles. I got a little excited. Which got her a little excited. Ok, a lot excited. She jumped out of her chair and started running in circles smacking the top of her head screaming at me..."How could you Mommy??? How could you let me catch my hair on fire??? How come you didn't out it out??? Do I have any hair left???" I don't think she'll ever forget her 5th birthday. I know I sure won't.

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Maureen said...

Good choices on the scarf and socks! Cute story of the 5th b-day party! Too funny!

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