Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My New Friend

I'm absolutely loving the Swallowtail. I won't bore you with pictures tonight because I really don't have much more done now than I did yesterday. But I did spend some time with it and did make a little progress. It's still lovely and I'm still entranced. :-)


Anonymous said...

Sometimes you do need to vent. If I was in your shoes, I probably would have done the same exact thing. It's basic common sense and kindness. If you sign up for a swap and don't follow through, you should know better. If your spoiler couldn't do that, she should not has signed up. I'm glad that you got an apology from the hostess.

And like I said, there are lots of swaps out there that are NOT swap bot, and good ones too! *hugs*

Leslie said...

Now listen here, Kerry girl! Do NOT let those people give you any sort of guilt trip whatsoever! You did not identify them and this is your blog. You have every right to lay it all out here; hell that's half the purpose of a blog.

If the hostess felt badly about flaming you in public, and if the swap "pal" felt guilty for making a half assed effort and then whining about it to the hostess and all of us? To damn bad! Let them write about it on their own blogs. If the swap thing had been done properly in the first place, and if the swap "pal" had acted properly either initially or with the make up package, none of this would have happened.

You've participated in enough of these things to know "the way things ought to be" and calling them on their shortcomings was your right.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Leslie. I've never been particularly trusting of swaps so the only one I participate in is the knitters tea swap. So far so good on that one. Three great swap partners.

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