Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Anyone? Anyone?

In all fairness to Dexter, I should tell you that he didn't completely destroy my Buddy Case. But he did put his stupid teeth on it. Which made me really upset. Upset enough to not be able to look at my Buddy without wanting to find a new home for Dexter. So I bought a new Buddy.

See the teeth marks on the right in the picture above?

And there on the left side in this picture? Beast. I am showing you this to be fair to my little black bear pup, but I am also showing you this because I just can't throw it away. I finally moved the contents from the old to the new and when I walked to the garbage can I couldn't do it. Honestly, Buddy has a lot of life left to give. Just not to me because it makes me want to take Dexter's. So if you'd like a slightly bitten Buddy of your very own, leave me a comment and tell me why. I'll draw a name at random next Friday, May 14th and send it off to the lucky winner. And to make up for the teeth marks I'll even throw in the skein of Gedifra Fiorista shown below. It would make a great Calorimetry for summer!


Robyn said...

Well, first off it's purple ;)

I don't mind a buddy with a little love ;)

I've never owned a buddy. That's why I'd love one.


craftivore said...

I'll pass on the Buddy. But I totally know what you mean about wanting to strangle the dog after it's eaten something. Our dog has a penchant for dirty laundry, nuff said.

Leslie said...

Well, dunnh, it's purple so of course you throw my name in. I don't know what the dickens it is, but assume it's got something to do with knitting... If I'm wrong let me know -- meanwhile I'll just go google it :)

Nautical Knitter said...

OOO, please post my name to the list... of potential winners. My birthday is May 14 and I am a bag/container-aholic! Cool!

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