Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Snug Like A Shrug

Dailaesse was bored one night and started looking through patterns. She saw this one and asked if I could knit it for her. She picked out a skein of Stonehedge Fiber Mill Shepherd's Wool (if you've never knit with this you should really try it, great yarn at a great price!) at Adirondack Yarns and we were off to the races.
I decided if I was going to put my time and effort in to a hand knit that I was going to make it worth my while. So I lengthened the sleeves as well as the lace portion of the bottom. And it still only took one skein. I know she doesn't looked completely thrilled with it (this picture was taken just before heading out to church one evening when she would have rather stayed home to play) but trust me, she is. She really loves it since she chose the pattern and the yarn. It's gotten lots of wear which makes me quite happy too.


Knit and Purl Mama said...

What a cute sweater! I love the color of the yarn too!

Robin said...

That is super cute!

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