Sunday, May 02, 2010

Smells Like Aliens and Hookers

A few little funnies from the road trip to Boston:

1) Not too long after we get on the Northway there is a spot where Border Patrol normally has a road block. There was much controversy over this in years past as there have been many accidents because it sits just around a bend in the road. In an effort to eliminate this problem, the state laid down several sets of rumble strips and put up big flashing signs indicating there may be traffic stopped ahead. As we drove over the rumble strips Darcie (now remember, this is my 14 year old) asks from the back what exactly the rumble strips are. So I tell her they are to get your attention. She then proceeds to tell me that she thought they were to help get rid of illegal immigrants. I responded by saying that in a roundabout way they are and go on to explain the whole road block/accident issue. And she says??? Oh, I thought they were to shake them off the cars if they were hiding underneath.

2) A very excited Dailaesse needed almost constant entertainment on the way to Boston, aka The Hotel with The Pool. One of the games we played was Spelling Bee. Dailaesse and I had been playing alone for some time. Darcie decided she wanted to participate again and asked me for a word. Before I could give her one, Dailaesse shouted out...PROSTITUTE!

3) As we neared Boston Dailaesse wrinkled her nose and asked what smelled. I told her it was big business. We passed through the stench and a few minutes later Dailaesse was trying to ask us about something she had seen. In trying to explain where she had seen it she told us it was just after the air started smelling like farts.

Hotel Room - $155/night
Room Service - $90/day
Entertainment - Priceless


Suna said...

Great stories! That alien story totally cracked me up. You also got some great yarn.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

That is way too funny. Kids crack me up. Especially with the things that come out of their mouth.

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