Friday, May 14, 2010

We Have A Winner

Dailaesse and I took a little stroll over to this afternoon to plug in some numbers so we could get a winner for the buddy and yarn. I have no idea how everyone else manages to get the picture from their screen into their blog posts. I couldn't make it happen. The best I can do is to copy the info from the PDF I created from the page and past it below. Some days I just can't win.

True Random Number
Min: 1
Max: 3

Anywho, we went from the first entry to the last and Leslie was numero dos. It's already posted and I hope she enjoys it! :-) Stay tuned because soon I'll be posting a contest for a Namaste Small Clutch. And this one is brandy dandy new!

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Knit and Purl Mama said...

What you do is a "Print Screen" of your computer screen. There should be a button on your keyboard that says "PRINT SCREEN" near your Home/End/Page Up/Down buttons? That's where mine is.

Then.... you open a software that you can view photos in (I use photoshop) and then I copy & paste the print screen into a blank template. Then save as a JPG image, and upload to blogger!

Let me know if this helps you ANY at all!? :)

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