Friday, January 13, 2006

Attitude with a Capital "A"

My secret pal who will be spoiling me left me a comment already!!! Hi Secret Pal!!! I'm so psyched for this exchange to get underway. Even though the whole matching experience really kicked my arse I'm still so glad I volunteered to hostess this time around. It's been incredible. Unless something horrendous happens I plan to hostess again next time too. I hope everyone playing along has a great time!

Today was beautiful. In the 60's. Honest. Friday the 13th of January and it's 60 freakin' degrees outside. Nothing horrible about that. Dailaesse and I took a walk down the street to the lake today. She wanted to know where the ducks were. I told her they had gone south for the winter. "Oh, you mean to Florida?" How does she know that? She must have heard it on the news.

Before we left for our walk she insisted I paint her nails. I told her I needed to finish switching the laundry. She insisted louder. I promised her if she'd just be patient for a couple minutes that I would love to do nothing more than to paint her nails. She told me she was tired of my attitude. Huh? I told her I didn't have one. She corrected me and told me she wasn't going to put up with my attitude anymore and so I better stop giving her one. I argued again. You'd think I'd know better by now. Arguing with a toddler is a complete waste of time. I apologized for said attitude and painted her nails. She was happy.

We went to my parents for dinner tonight. Dailaesse was in her high chair eating her chicken and visiting with us all. She told my mother she was done and that she was ready for her tubby. My mother told her she needed to wait for her to finish her dinner. Dailaesse didn't like that answer. She asked my father. He told her he didn't do tubbies. She told him she was tired of his attitude. He started to argue. I told him not to bother. As he was taking Dailaesse out of her high chair he told her she had an awfully big attitude for such a little girl. I said I was hoping she would grow into it soon. Dailaesse told us both not to hold our hands on our asses because they might take root. There's another one of my favorite sayings I can't use anymore.

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Anonymous said...

Oh yes, our comments do come back to haunt us when little ears pick up too much! Have fun! hahaha

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