Thursday, January 05, 2006

Dude...We Got a Dell!

Our Christmas present from my wonderful father in law arrived today. A brandy-dandy new Dell computer. We picked it out and ordered it so it's just the way we (Bran) wanted it. I moved things around the house all afternoon. Our old tower to Dan's room, our old speakers and monitor to Darcie's room, Dan's old tower to Darcie's room...PHEW!!! We gave Darcie the new wireless keyboard and mouse that came with the new system since her desk is much smaller than Dan's. Of course Dan wants something new for his room now other than our old tower. I think once we get everything finished and he can make the computer his he'll be very happy. Of course I'm now contemplating a new keyboard and mouse for him. Darcie's monitor is a nice flat screen that we had here in the living room so that coupled with her new keyboard and mouse seemed like a pretty big deal to Dan. I also think I'd like to get a new printer for us. Hmmm...decisions, decisions.

So now I have to configure my email and set all of my favorites. I'm going to be a busy girl tonight and tomorrow. I have a ton of emails to return too. If only I had gotten to them this morning.

I started a new project for Sue a few days ago and I love how it's progressing. It's the Fiber Trends Evening Shrug and I'm working it in Cherry Tree Hill's Alpine Lace. I have to say that at first I wasn't loving the yarn but the more I worked with it the more I liked it. Now I really love it. It's so soft and I love the texture. I can't remember what the colorway is but it's beautiful. I'll share some pictures soon.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Kerry,
Now I have my "fix" for the day, it is complete! LOL

The shrug sounds interesting. Looking forward to seeing some pics soon.

Congratulations on the new Dell. My girlfriend has one and she has been very happy with it.

Have a wonderful weekend

cindyleelee said...

How very nice a gift! I know you'll be happy with the new computer, and everyone will be happy with their new pieces and parts. And it's a wonderful opportunity to dump some of the clutter that builds up on your computer....enjoy!

Can't wait to see how the shrug is coming along.

Ollie said...

hey you!!!!
I just treated my hubby to 1/2 a pc for xmas. his just about imploded & after countless tries & downloads, he came to the conclusion that it had come to an early demise. what he picked out was a bit more than I wanted to pay so I paid for 1/2. better'n nuthin!!!!! enjoy your new Dell!!!!

can't wait to see the shrug...cherry hill is some gorgeous stuff!

SDMC said...

Congrats on the new computer!

Heavenly Evil said...

Dell computers are good, and when they aren't they are really good about fixing them. What kind of warranty do you have on it?

I bought a laptop from them in 2003 and have had things replaced on it four times. Next up to be replaced is my CD drive. I generally advise people to make sure they get a warranty.

I'm sure my case is an extreme though, since I know lots of people with Dell computers that have had them for years without a hitch.

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