Thursday, January 26, 2006

Busy Beaver

Would anyone be interested in doing a small spin off version of Secret Pal? Maybe something that lasts a month and only requires a $10 minimum gift? Let me know what you think!

I've been running like a chicken with my head cut off lately. Yesterday I had a ton of things I wanted to do but ended up with a ton of things I had to do. Like taking my mothers glasses to the eye doctor to have the lens put back in and secured with a new screw that popped out causing the lens to fall out in the first place. My mother called around 8am and asked if we had any old glasses in the house that she could take a screw out of. She's blind as a bat without them. I found a pair of Dan's old glasses and was ready to run them over to her when she called and said she had found a pair of her old glasses. Great. Nope. Wrong size. So I took her glasses with me when I left to bring the girls to school. I ran them back to her so she could finish getting ready for work.

Then I took Dailaesse out to get a donut. Thank God they had pink ones with sprinkles. I always warn her before we head to Dunkin' Donuts that they may not have what she wants. 90% of the time they don't. I hate for her to be disappointed. She told me she wasn't in the mood to mess around with the people at Dunkin' Donuts and that they had better have made her some pink donuts with sprinkles. So we got her two donuts and a cappuccino and made our way across town to drop the cappuccino off to Bran. We left him and were almost home when the phone rang. It was my mother. She needed milk now. For her breakfast. That she was eating at work. Because she wasn't able to eat at home without her glasses. Apparently not being able to see well affects your ability to eat too. I thought when one sense was weak the other senses overcompensated to make up for the loss of that one sense. Not in my mothers case. So we went to the gas station and grabbed a quart of milk. I felt bad because she said she was starting to get shaky because she hadn't eaten yet. I bought her a cappuccino too. We made it home by 10am and Dailaesse sat down to enjoy her donut. "Crap. Dixie don't eat my donut!," she screams. Her donut jumped off her plate and slammed itself onto the floor. And you were wondering why I would buy a teeny, tiny almost 3 year old girl 2 donuts weren't you?

The rest of the morning and early afternoon were a blur. Before I knew it the clock read 1:30 pm and it was time to take Dailaesse to dance class. She was very excited. She took her boots off and put her dance shoes on as soon as we arrived. She marched right into the studio and started running around with all the other little girls. She was having a blast. Then Melissa came in. She didn't stop running. As a matter of fact, she ran all the way out of the studio and across the gym to me on the bench. She wasn't going to stay. I felt another MasterCard moment coming on.

Dance Lessons - $43
Dance Clothes - $57
Mama's Girl - Priceless

So I did the only thing I could. I asked Melissa if I could in the studio for the first class. Dailaesse decided that was a great solution. Now remember, Dailaesse is still the youngest little dancer in the class. Remember? I kept reminding myself. I also kept my hand over my mouth. I didn't want any of the little dancers to think I thought they were silly. But OMG!!! They are so cute. Especially my Dailaesse. She's the cutest. She's also dancing to the beat of a different drummer. While all the other dancers were lined up on their snowman stickers on the floor, Dailaesse was bouncing and shaking out her arms and just having a grand old time. I decided 3 things while sitting there for 45 minutes.

1. Melissa has A LOT of patience.
2. I need to chat with Dailaesse about her listening skills.
3. Melissa is charging WAY too little for this class.

Dailaesse and I chatted after dance class and she promised to do a better job at listening to Melissa. I also told her I wouldn't be able to stay in the studio with her next week. She said that was OK. I'll let you know next Wednesday if it's OK or not.

Oh, and just to update you on the Dora's going wonderfully. She's slept in her big girl Dora bed every night except for 2 since Christmas. The 2 nights she didn't sleep in it were nights that I fell asleep and didn't get up to put her in it. We have a great routine that works for both of us. She gets in our bed to have her booby (yes, she's still nursing) and after she falls asleep (we say she's asleep at the boob) I put her in her bed. Sometimes she wakes up and sometimes she doesn't but even when she does she just smiles, snuggles up in her blankies and goes back to sleep. Life is good!


toni said...

There is nothing wrong with her still nursing my daughter nursed my Kelecee Girl till she was almost three .. i think the only reason she stopped is because she became pg with my Kyle other wise she would still be nursing lol. she is 6 now and kyle is 4 so .. she also didnt take a bottle at all she refused was a little hard on mama but she wouldnt of traded that time for anything .. I call them my babies cause well they are my grandbabies .. Kelcee and Kyle I was there when they were both born I watch them both come into this world and would not trade that for one second .. I was there for the Maddey and Logan but both were C section so i couldnt be in the room.. so you see they are my babies . oh by the way Kyle refused to breast feed so he didnt get all the benifits he was born with rsv, and was sick allot he is fine now . sorry for the long comment but just had to tell ya.

LB said...

I'm interested in a mini-secret pal exchange. Sign me up.

Tanja said...

Me! Sign me up please!

:L, Laura said...

i'd love to do mini-pal thing. could be more than 1 month, but think the max per pkg should be a more reasonable 15-25... and depending.
also not all of us want tablets in our initials, postit notes, more "junque"... so sometimes the right 1 small gift is better than 20 not right ones. ya know?
i mean dogs are ok, but i'm a "cat person" so a puppy dog calendar just makes me smile and say thanks and pass it on to a doggy loving friend.
anyway, i've got some GAW_jess [say it out loud and drawl] hand knit scarves that are begging for a home and a couple cute hats for other "fatheads" - mine is size 23, and i seem to always make the size dh and i wear... except if it's pink - he just won't.

:L, Laura said...

close friend nursed her daughter until daughter was 4. one night she said, mama i don't need you to rock me to sleep tonight.
and ended the breast-feeding.
mature and very likeable 21 yr old now... who knows!

Shelby said...

I'm jealous! My daughter weaned herself when she was 4 months old, she was never into nursing. But I really wished she took to it better! Such an amazing way to bond.

SDMC said...

I'd love to participate in the mini exchange, too.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I need a cheerful pick-me-up, I know just where to go. Right here. Thanks for the great humor Kerry. Maybe you should be keeping notes for a book someday. Who knows, maybe it could even be one Oprah would sponsor? LOL

Have a great weekend!

knittygirl said...

Hi Kerry,
We at the store are thinking of creating an "Adirondack Team" for the Knitting get ready...we need you!!

cindyleelee said...

As always, reading your blog makes me smile. Thank you so much!

Ollie said...

I'd be interested in a mini exchange also!!!!

your family tales just crack me up!!!!!

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