Sunday, January 15, 2006

Husband for Sale...Cheap

I have to tell you that I couldn't have gotten any luckier this round of Secret Pal if I had tried. My wonderful pal sent me the neatest virtual bouquet yesterday. Just because. How awesome is that? Thank you so much secret pal! You rock! I love the smiley faces. I think they're the reason my husband is still breathing. :-)

Anyone want another husband? I'd be happy to sell mine today. Actually, I'd gladly give him away. When we got the new computer my husband appointed himself "King of Backup" and set out moving things from the old computer to the new one. Since he's the master of networking he also took on hooking the 3 machines together to share the internet. Now, instead of downloading things on the new machine he's been doing it on our old one which is now in Dan's room. He started having trouble yesterday and had to disconnect the anti-virus program on our old machine. Of course as soon as he did this we picked up a virus. How did I find this out you ask? Sue sent me an email asking if I had meant to send her some nonsense about eBay. Of course I hadn't. I knew right then that we had a virus. I was confused because I thought the new anti-virus was working really well. That was when Bran told me what he had done and that he still had my address book and Money on the old machine. Normally I wouldn't panic like I did today but since I finally got Microsoft Money set back up again it was a big deal. I was mortified to think that some freak online might have our account information. So I ran upstairs to delete my address book and Money. I couldn't do anything with the computer. When I turned it on it started screaming at me that it had a virus and that it was infected. No shit Sherlock. Bran was able to get it to boot finally and I deleted all my stuff. Bran told me to go ahead and delete everything on the desktop of the old machine because it had all been transferred. So I did. A little while later I was downstairs and for some reason decided to look for a pattern in my folder. Guess what? My folder is gone. Where did it go? I deleted it when my husband told me to. Why? Because I'm an idiot who hasn't learned that I need to not listen to a word my husband says. His folders are all cleaned up and nicely organized on the new machine so what in the world made me think that he would have actually done the same for me??? Any takers???

I taught a magic loop sock class yesterday that was great fun. I only had two people sign up but it was still great. They were a mother/daughter duo and they were just lovely. The daughter is probably in her late teens and knits continental. She knits as fast as I do. I thinking if I could learn to knit continental too I could really heat up the old needles. Think of all the time it would save if I could pick instead of throwing. I have to put this on my list of things to try this year. I'll attempt this as soon as I master a damn cast on for a toe up sock using magic loop.


Leslie said...

Well, poop, and I was going to ask about your favorite ML toe up cast on! ;->

About the hub - he has many other fine qualities - remember what you typed about him on his birthday. So he was a little too "male"about the computer thing this week - it happens sometimes - but you know he's learned from it. (I hope!)

cindyleelee said...

I'm sure several of us would stand in line to watch you beat your hubby....I assume he's suitably sorry for his misdeeds? Poor you!

I would like to learn continental as well. I wish there was someone around here that knit that way so I could watch and learn. I do a two handed technique of sorts when doing fairisle, but just can't seem to wrap my mind around using just my left hand.

Have a lovely day!

Shelby said...

I've been there! My husband insisted he could fix my laptop...which led to him taking it to the apple store for repair- which was going to cost more than it was worth at that point. I made him find the money to buy a new one for me since it was his mistake. I was ready to kill him when he broke it. All because he was too "male" to ask for help.

I wish I lived near you so I could take the magic loop class! I'm hoping to learn soon. And I really need to learn continental too. One of these days!

Ollie said...

don't feel bad. I thought my hubby saved all my stuff when he put in my new pc just this past week. I lost a TON of goodies. oh well. I was probably hoarding stuff anyway!!!!

I keep trying the magic loop method & always feel like I'm stretching the stitches!!!! I must be doing something very wrong.

I haven't heard about the new secret pal yet...did I not sign up correctly?????!!!!!

adrienne said...

well, kerry, this sounds like an opportune time to get something you really want 8<}. i mean, losing your patterns that you spent so much time collecting. that certainly entitles you to some compensation from the party responsible for your loss.

magic loop! my fave way to knit socks! i don't like toe up too much. i have never been able to figure out when to start the heel. i haven't quite figured out how to make the short row heel fit my foot and i am scared to death of an after-thought type heel...once again, when do you start the heel!?

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