Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Penguin Plunge

I want to thank you all for your positive thoughts and words of encouragement concerning our upcoming court battle. You all mean more to me than you will ever know. I'm a lucky girl. :-)

Have you all heard of these groups that get together during the coldest month of the year to take a dip in the lake? They have to break the ice and remove it from the lake to allow the members access to the freezing water. They're advertising for the Penguin Plunge over in Vermont right on TV. The Penguin Plunge. I believe the name of the group here that performs this ridiculous ritual call themselves the Polar Bears. Arctic Assholes is what they should call them. People have heart attacks and drop dead doing this from the severe shock of the water temperature. And I'd bet that each year some idiot ends up at the emergency room having his nuts removed from his throat. You know it's gotta happen. They just don't report it on TV. At least the Penguins get sponsors and raise money for charity. Probably the heart association. This way they can pay for the next ass that has a heart attack.


ollie said...

brrrrrr!!!!! just hearing that makes me homesick for ny!!!!!
it's true tho; those groups do donate money to lots of good causes so if they wanna risk their life or health to do good then I say more power to them!!!! (& pray alot!!!) LOL!!! meg

Leslie said...

WOOOO Did somebody take her "let's let some attitude show" pill? I'm laughing my ample rear off here - you go girl!

adrienne said...

you won't catch me anywhere near cold water; let alone any water that is frozen on top. i think those people are insane! i'm in "sunny" california and it's cold enough for me today!!!!

Anonymous said...

Remember now, to each his own! Right? I think they have groups of this type about everywhere in the US. I live in a very rural area, and yet they even have a group not far from here that dive into the Delaware River. It takes all kinds..........haha

Nyxxie said...

Burr wow that is crazy I have heard of it before though!

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