Sunday, January 08, 2006

In the Cabbage Patch

Dailaesse and I spent the day in Plattsburgh on Friday. We went to meet a new lawyer to talk about ending visitation for Dan and Darcie with their father. I like the new lawyer. A lot. He's very pulled together, very confident and was very encouraging. He's also honest. You can't beat that. He feels we have a great chance of having the judge end visitations. Let's hope so. It's all the kids have wanted for years now. I finally feel as though we've found someone who will work with them to help them. Positive thoughts please. :-)

So on the way to the lawyers office we passed the hospital. I told Dailaesse to look out her window. I pointed out the hospital and told her that was where she was born. She didn't seem to be too interested. When we finished with our meeting I called my Aunt Noreen who lives about 20 minutes outside of Plattsburgh and asked if she wanted to meet us in town for lunch. We had lunch and then went to do a little shopping. Later in the afternoon we were sitting in the mall snacking on an Auntie Anne's pretzel when Dailaesse got all excited and started dancing in her chair. "Aunt Noween, Aunt Noween!!! I was born right down the street. Right there down the street!" She's jumping and pointing down the mall corridor. "You were?," asks Aunt Noreen. "Yes, right down there on the side of the street!" You should have heard the people around us laugh.


Leslie said...

Delayed reaction from Dailaesse, huh? LOL

I'm glad you are happy with the new attorney and am sending lots of positive vibes your way. Kids shouldn't have to be afraid of a parent.

cindyleelee said...

Obviously she wasn't impressed, if she thought you meant on the street! Kids are so literal...LOL

I hope the new attorney is as successful as he is confident. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you the best with the lawyer kiddo. Those kids deserve better than what they are having to put up with now, and I'm sure any judge would agree.

Love that daughter of yours. She certainly has a unique sense of timing! LOL

StarzAbove said...

Out of the mouths of babes! Love it!
More good thoughts coming your way that the situation with the kids/lawyer will work out.

ollie said...

sending lots of good luck w/the lawyer & the situation...not an easy thing to go thru....but you're all strong & will come thru this, you'll see!!!!! meg

Nyxxie said...

Too cute and sending positive thoughts that way!

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