Thursday, January 19, 2006

Cash and Kerry

Yesterday it rained. Cats and dogs. Trust me. The drops were that big. Of course yesterday was the day that I needed to run errands. All morning. In the rain. With the baby. And the ice. It was lovely. At 1:30 in the afternoon we made it to the last store on our list. We gathered up all our things and headed to the checkout. I commented to Dailaesse that I was out of cash. Dailaesse looked up at me with her big blue innocent eyes and said, "It's OK if you don't have any cash Mama. We don't have to pay today. If you don't have cash then it's free." The customer ahead of us started laughing. Hard. So didn't the dude behind the counter. The man in line in front of said he loved her way of simplifying things. Oh to be a toddler again. I once again took the opportunity to explain to Dailaesse that you never take something from any store without paying for it. I set her up on the counter and let her help me write a check which she handed to the dude behind the counter.

And in case you're wondering, by the time we came out of the store the rain had finally turned to snow. After we were both soaked.


Leslie said...

They're so innocent at that age!

Sorry to do a "neener" on you but yesterday here was high 30's, sunny and bright. After spending time on outside chores I even took a walk!

cindyleelee said...

What a doll! It must seem like everything is free when the poor kids don't ever see money changing hands anymore....checks and credit cards don't look like cash.

Anonymous said...

When my niece was around the same age as Dailaesse, my Sister made some remark about an item being too expensive, and my niece told her not to worry, Daddy had all the money at the bank, and he would pay for it later........LOL

Innocence..........they lose it so fast, so you have to soak up every bit of it while it lasts.

SDMC said...

ROFL -- too cute! My daughter used to think that as long as you had checks in the checkbook you still had money. Took me years to convince her that wasn't true.

Anonymous said...

Perfect child logic.

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