Thursday, October 13, 2005

Easy Does It

Sometimes it feels good to complain. Other times it only makes the situation worse. For example, yesterday was nuts. I had 101 things to do. Dailaesse had dance, Dan had a football game, Darcie needed to be picked up from school, my friend needed help with her clog...and on and on. So I decided while I was out running errands yesterday that I'd stop and pick Bran up for lunch. He was very happy. We went to Burger King. Remember, they have frozen Coke. Anyways, we sat at the drive thru for 20 minutes. Can you believe that??? If it hadn't been for the 5 minute ride back out to Bran's work he wouldn't have been able to eat any of his lunch. One of the ladies that works there has a really bad attitude so I didn't even bother saying anything to her. I've tried before when things have gone wrong. But guess what? She really doesn't give a tiny rats ass if you are happy or not. So, I called the long distance number posted in the window for complaints. I believe this number is for the idiot that manages the Burger Kings in the area. Guess what? He really doesn't give a tiny rats ass either. How do I know this? Because every time I've called (maybe a half dozen times over the past few years) I get an answering machine and never receive a return phone call. See how this can sometimes make the situation worse? I can't get no satisfaction.

By the time I got to Verizon after the football game last night I was in rare form. I went in to return the 4th phone I've had with them in 10 months. We've had nothing but trouble with these phones that they sold us. They won't hold a charge. And that's providing that you can get the stupid things to charge in the first place. You have to plug the phone in and then wiggle it around and move it back and forth and up and down until it starts charging. Then you have to back away from the counter very slowly while holding your breath and pray that it doesn't move. I think if someone in Egypt pharts it screws with the phone's charging capabilities. Then every once in a while when nobody pharts or breathes the phone lulls you into a false sense of security by telling you that it's charged. When you unplug it from the charger and make a call it quickly beeps at you and flashes its low battery message. Very manipulative. Teasing little hussy. I was ready to fight with the friendly (not) people at Verizon Wireless. I marched in and told them they HAD to do something about the phone. I told them the problem. They told me I had to speak to their service department. I again told my problem to the service department...his name was Gary. Why do they call it a department when it's one person anyways? So Gary told me that the phone was charging for the moment on his charger. I told him that although that was part of my complaint that the phone had other problems as well. He told me he thought it needed a new battery. Something they've been telling me since the phone was 2 weeks old but haven't replaced. He told me he'd see if they had any batteries and if they did he would replace it free of charge. No batteries. Gary says I'll have to come back tomorrow to see his manager so they can order one at no charge. I smiled and pointed out to Gary that I live an hour (one way) away and that unless he'd like to pay for my gas that I won't be returning tomorrow. Gary disappeared into another room in the back of the store. When he returned he was smiling and said he had good news. That's right, an entirely new phone. I never expected that to happen. It's suppose to be equivalent to the one I had but it seems a lot nicer. The only thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't vibrate. I like that feature. I feel it's rude to be talking to someone and have the phone start ringing. Again, a me thing. I'll have to call today and see if it has the feature and maybe I'm just missing it.

This morning Dailaesse and I made our almost daily trek to Dunkin' Donuts. We pulled up to the speaker and ordered. The person behind the speaker kept asking me to repeat myself. She finally screamed, "I can't hear her!!!" into the speaker. I pulled around to the window. A woman opened the window and told me how much my order was. Before handing her my money I let her know that although they might not be able to hear their customers that the customers could hear them loud and clear. Seriously. When they speak it's magnified 1000 times. She smiled, took my money and told me it wasn't her fault that the girl who took the order was having trouble with the headset. She gave me my change, closed the window and I'm assuming relayed what I had said to the girl with the headset. Now I have to tell you that I know of the girl with the headset. She went to school with me. She hung with a tough and nasty crowd of people who did nothing but fight, drink and use drugs. She was Miss Bad Ass in school and her attitude some 15 years later hasn't changed. Sad to see an adult that nasty. Anyways, the girl with the headset gave me a dirty look and then mouthed "fuck her". What????? When the drinks were passed through the window I asked to speak to the manager. Guess what? You got it, no satisfaction. The manager never apologized. Just tried to make me understand that it wasn't her fault that the equipment they have is faulty. I pointed out to her that the faulty headset didn't tell me to fuck off. I guess I'll start going to McDonalds for coffee in the morning.

Now, wanna hear some good exciting news??? I've decided to have another contest. We'll start on the 17th (Monday) and go until the 31st (Monday). We'll do pretty much the same thing we did last time except that I already have a good idea of what I'll be sending for a prize. Anyone who wants a chance to enter just needs to stop by and leave a comment. I'll draw a name each day and at then draw one final winner on November 1st. Leslie's prize is almost ready to go. I'm waiting for one more item that I ordered to arrive before I pack the box up and send it off. I can't wait until I can get it out to her. I think she's going to be thrilled!


Leslie said...

Well, you certainly had a day - but at least the Verizon turned out well (assuming this phone works). I hope your day today is much, much better. ;)

Anonymous said...

Cingular customer service is even worse. I hope the new phone works better for you. I've been going 'round and 'round with Cingular since April. I have had to have talked with every yahoo working at that place. I call about once a month now, since they still haven't fixed the problem with my on-line account, but since my contract is up in December, I don't much care anymore. I guess I still call because I just can't believe how awful they are.

Donna S. said...

I think we can all relate!! I call the Burger King by my house "slow food". I refuse to even go there because you sit ther for sooooo long!! There is no such thing as "customer service" anymore & with competition being so stiff I just don't get that....

Dani said...

Holy! Ive had those days but when the manager doesnt give me any satisfaction, or show even the slightest bit of empathy, I call corporate! I get store #s, manager info whatever identifying info I can pass along and let em have it. I should also point out though that when I receive exceptionally good service, I do the same - whether it be on the phone or in person, when an employee really makes my experience better than it normally is, or makes a bad situation good, I am sure to let someoen know about it as well =)

FWIW, Sprint (now Nextel Sprint) has hellishly bad customer service as well. FIngers crossed that phone works for you =)

So sorry you had such a crappy experience - hopefully the coffee at Micky D's is better?

Diane said...

McDonalds coffee over Dunkin Donuts? OMG! I had 2 daughters who worked at DD and their coffee is the best because of the high quality standards set by corporate. My son works at McD's and things are very standard there but nowhere near the attention of detail to the coffee. Try another Dunkin; in the New England area there's one on every street corner.

Knitcrazy said...



It sounds like that old comercial..
Except with..
" When Verizon Farts...
Everyone Listens "


Hope your phone is still working ok :)

Knitcrazy said...

I guess that "mouthy" girl in
DK doesn't know that " The Customer is Always Right"..

Boy I hate those speaker things.. I can never understand what they are saying..
But If I was at the window I am sure I could " read lips" too :)

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