Wednesday, October 26, 2005

It's All About Power

Dixie went to the vet yesterday. Turns out that the pretty green glow she's developed is just from the antiseptic they used to clean her with before her surgery. It has some sort of dye in it so they can clearly see the area they've cleaned. Bran sat at the office for an hour to learn this. I asked why they couldn't have just told us that over the phone. Seems as though the girl who answers the phone at the vet's office wasn't paying attention when I told her that Dixie's FUR and SKIN were green. The vet thought it was the incision. Nope, told her that looked great actually.

Leslie is going to read the title of today's post and think that I'm going to talk about my little Shih-Tzu (pronounced in our house shi-zoo so as not to encourage the kids, particularly Dailaesse, to say shit-zoo) humping the cat again. I had said that we were really hopeful that having her spayed would stop her from loving the cat. Leslie squashed what little bit of hope I had by telling me that Dixie having her way with the cat has nothing to do with sex and everything to do with power. Thanks Leslie. Thanks for pointing that out. You could have left me to dream of a hump free home for just a little longer. LOL Seriously though, I found that quite interesting. I never would have considered it a power thing. I just thought we had a horny defective little dog. I told Leslie that there's most likely going to be a whole lotta humpin' goin' on in our house as soon as Dixie is feeling better because the cat has taken over her crate. We have to take him out so she can get in. I put a blanket in her crate when we brought her home from the vet and the cat apparently likes the blanket. I put one down for him in his sleeping spot but he seems to prefer hers. I'm sure she's going to feel the need to show him who's boss.

Getting back on track...when I titled today's post I was actually referring to electricity. Which we lost last night. I was typing away merrily on the computer around 11pm when everything went black. Bran was in the garage. Did I ever tell you how petrified I am of the dark??? I did really well last night though. I felt my way out to the kitchen to the drawer where I keep my candle lighter all before Bran made it in from the garage. Want to know what caused the outage? Downed trees. Want to know what caused the downed trees? 8" of heavy, wet SNOW!!! Our power never came back on until 11 this morning. It was chilly. I was glad that I turned the heat up earlier in the evening because I'm sure that helped to keep it from really getting cold in here. We're lucky that our house holds heat as well as it does considering it's age and lack of proper insulation. School was cancelled today. Not due to the snow of course, but because of the power outage. I don't ever remember having a snow day in October. Of course even though we use to get a lot more snow than we do now it never use to start until Halloween. We've almost always gotten our first snow of the year on Halloween. I remember Dan's first Halloween he wouldn't go trick-or-treating because he was playing with a shovel and pail in the front yard. We're suppose to get another 6" later this afternoon and then rain tonight. That should make for a nice mess. I hope you're all warm and dry!

Almost forgot to post the name I drew for yesterday...Donna. Congrats!


Anonymous said...

That's no fun to stay home in the dark and cold! Glad your green dog is better. It's a shame that the green probably won't last till Halloween.


Donna in NY said...

I enjoyed your pet story. The green dog and attempt at interspecies breeding. LOL I was in the same boat with you last night. We lost power from 4pm-7am and yes it did get pretty nippy. I don't remember ever getting snow before Halloween.

Yippee...........she got my name!

Leslie said...

Here I am - full of fun and hope!

Poor Dixie - the glowing green power mad doggie - usurped from her crate by the cat - what a hoot!

Lizardknits said...

I am SO glad I'm a southern girl!
Elizabeth H.

adrienne said...

california is good...i love

adrienne in the bellybutton of...
where it is only raining.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerry,
I have been trying to write you, but for some reason, I am told my e-mail is being filtered and refused???

Funny about your dog being green. Never heard or saw that before, and all of mine (dogs and cats) are spayed/neutered too.

Interesting about the dominance thing (humping). My female mini poodle does that to my male Pomeranian (both fixed) all the time. I can believe the dominance thing because she HATES sharing the attention always!

And just so you know, knitting with the Alpaca was a wonderful experience I will not forget. Thank you so much!!


Knitcrazy said...

LOL.. Sounds like Dixie is "Green" with envy over the cat :)

toni said...

Wow snow already.. gezz how lucky we are here in IL its just cold not to bad around 50 degrees.. so i wish you luck with your green dixie. we just had our dog spayed on Monday of this week she is a little miniture schnauzer and she is soaking up all the attention she can get she is such a big baby .lol.

toni said...

Oh I have a picture of her on my site

Lisa D. said...

I'm glad Dixie is okay. Sorry you are having such poor weather. We better get used to it, winter is on it's way. Too bad all that snow couldn't be over by the end of January. That would make winter just right.

Nyxxie said...

More snow you are killing me! LOL

Donna in NY said...

Well our snow was melted by rain this morning. Please just let winter hold off a little longer! I had to chase my garbage can this morning. It nearly made it to the river before I did. Signing off and wishing Kerry a "hump free" home someday. I love your blog. You have become one of my regulars.

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