Monday, October 10, 2005

Get Over It

We had the best knitting weather this weekend! It was cool and rainy and gave me the perfect excuse to sit inside and knit. I made a pair of clogs and got the hat finished...once. I just ripped the entire damn thing back out again. If anything I'm at least getting quite proficient in the hat pattern. I can whip it up in no time at all. It's going to be great when I get it finished. I promise. My friend Diane came over Saturday and then again today as she's working on her first pair of clogs. She was able to complete the first of the pair tonight. She's doing a really great job. She's really excited about getting them felted. She wants to make them for her family for Christmas this year. What a great gift don't you think? I'll have to get some pictures of mine and hers up soon for you all to see.

So on Friday Dailaesee and I had a little discussion. It went like this:

Me: Dailaesse please get out of the movie cabinet.
Dailaesse: No.
Me: I said please get out of there. You've already broken one DVD. We don't need anymore broken.
Dailaesse: It wasn't my fault it broke.
Me: Yes, it was. You broke Dan's Ernest movie. Please get out of the cabinet.
Dailaesse: So what I broke it. It's my fault. Get over it.
Me: Get over it???
Dailaesse: That's what I said. I ruined it. Get over it.

I told the story when Bran got home at lunch. He tried to reason with her. I heard her tell him to get over it too. Reasoning with a 2 year old is a losing battle.

Dailaesse wanted steak, noodles and carrots for dinner Friday night. I took out steak, got the noodles out and made sure I had carrots in the fridge (or fridgalator if you're 2). At about 5pm Dailaesse asked to go visit her Papa. Then she asked to spend the night. I told her she could go see them after dinner. She screamed. I called my dad. No answer. She screamed louder. I called 10 minutes later. No answer. She screamed even louder. I told her he was probably in the shower and that I was sure he would call as soon as he was out. That didn't work. It's the reasoning thing again. So I finally couldn't take the screaming anymore and got her dressed for the walk across the yard. Sure enough, he was in the shower. I hollered up the stairs to let him know we were there and let her loose. Soon after my mother arrived home. Dailaesse asked if she could have dinner and spend the night. I reminded her of the steak we had out at home. No go. She wanted to know what my parents were having. Hot dogs. Mmmm. That sounds good. That sounds good??? Let's see, Oscar Meyer vs. filet mignon. The kid kills me. So she decided to stay and have dinner. They opted for LaChoy Beef Chow Mein. Out of a can. She ate her entire dinner. She called us over for cupcakes after dinner. I told my mother the "get over it" story. She asked Dailaesse why she was being so fresh. Dailaesse looked her striaght in the eye and told her she never said such a thing and that I was a fibber. My mother confirmed the story with Bran. She asked Dailaesse again why she was being so fresh. Wanna know Dailaesse's response???


Gotta love that kid!

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SDMC said...

All children know there is no place like grandma and grandpa's My children, too.
I now find myself reasoning with an 11 year old. By the way, your hat pattern sounds cute. I need to make some before winter sets in.

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