Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Holy Cow

That's it. That's all I can say. Holy cow. I can't believe how many of you took the time to stop by yesterday. I can't tell you all how much I appreciate you. Thank you for taking time out to stop by and visit. And thanks for all the great compliments on the hat. I wish I had gotten a better picture of it for you. If anyone else makes one and wants to share the photo just let me know. I'd be honored to put it in my album. And thanks for the suggestions on the clogs. Diane decided to felt them to the length suggested on the Brannock site. I think she'll be ok with that. If they're are a little snug they'll stretch to fit and if they're a little loose she can throw them back in the washer for a little longer. I still think it would be really cool to see someone's face if they got them before they were felted. Especially the ones Diane made for herself. She knits really loose so her women's large looked like my men's large. It was about 2 feet long. I swear. But after 2 hours in the washer in hot water they felted up nicely to a size 8.5. She was pretty happy with them.

Diane decided on Sunday that she needed some more yarn to start another pair of clogs. So we took a trip to Adirondack Yarns. Amazingly enough, I didn't buy anything. I've been trying really hard to be disciplined and get my Christmas shopping done. I did however contribute to a nice dent in Diane's wallet. :-) She bought enough Lamb's Pride for a pair of clogs for her sister in law and enough novelty for 2 scarves for her mother. Who doesn't want clogs. What??? Doesn't want clogs? Diane said she thinks it's because she told her how long it took her to make her first one. About 11 hours. I guess in the grand scheme of things that's really not bad time. She's a new knitter with only a couple scarves under her belt thus far. I think she did a great job. I'm so proud of her! Oh, and while I'm on the subject of clogs and Adirondack Yarns, I will be teaching a class this Saturday the 22nd from 10am to noon. We'll do the smallest child size from start to finish. If anyone is going to be in the area and wants to join you can call Sue at 518-523-9230 to sign up. It's only $15 for the class plus materials and you get a 10% discount off the yarn you purchase to make them.

Ok, before I get off here and go do some laundry I'll leave you with this. How cool is this? I whipped it up last night from some left over Lamb's Pride worsted. Wanna know how I made it? Brace yourselves...it's very scientific:

16" size 8 circular
36" size 10 circular or double points

Hat is worked holding 2 strands (one strand of one color and one strand of another) of worsted yarn together throughout. (I used Lamb's Pride)

Color A - black
Color B - blue
Color C - red
Color D - green
Color E - brown

With one strand of A and one strand of B
Cast on 80 stitches on size 8 needle.
Work K2, P2 ribbing for 10 rounds.

Change to size 10 needles and work in stockinette:

6 rounds of B and C
9 rounds of C and D
4 rounds of D and E
8 rounds of E and B
7 rounds of B and D

Decrease Rounds:

With D and A work K2tog all the way around each round for 2 rounds, ending with 20 stitches.

Leave a long tail of yarn and weave it through the 20 stitches. Draw up tightly and work all ends in.

I know it looks funky when you decrease that quickly but it does fit well.

Now, wanna know how I so scientifically came up with the change of colors for the rounds? I had each of the kids and Bran choose a number between 1 and ten. I added my choice somewhere in the midst of it and it worked out great. The hat will go to my dad at lunch time to keep his poor old, bald head warm this winter. I hope he likes the colors. If not Brandon already volunteered to take it off his head. I mean hands.


Christine said...

The hat is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Patti O'Brien said...

Lovely hat! and nice blog site.


Anastacia said...

Cool hat. I adore leftovers of any size, shape, kind, fiber, etc.

Lesley said...

I just copied your hat pattern and picture. Does that say I like it or what?

proflaura said...

that is such a nice yarn 0 i love the sheen and the colors you used!

mf said...

Great way to use up those scraps!

j_j_now@yahoo.com said...

Perfect quick gift! This goes into my Christmas knitting basket. Thanks, JJ

Lizardknits said...

The hat is really cool. I love all the color changes!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving us your pattern. I have a daughter who loves hats and this will go well in her collection.

beadlizard said...

Lovely hat! I knit hats for Dad now that he doesn't have anything else up there. He adores them, says he was always cold before.

Really enjoying your blog -- will post to comments more often since it makes you happy. :)

--Sylvia (from Jeannie Townsend's list)

Rita said...

Great hat. My favourite thing about it, is that it doesn't look like you used leftovers. The colours look like you planned it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerry;

That is an awesome looking hat! I love how the colours work so well together. Actually, I probably never would have tried to combine those colours, if it was just written out in a text only pattern. But seeing them in a photo of the finished hat is really neat,

Thank you for sharing the pattern.

Bonny in Victoria, BC

Donna in NY said...

Okay........don't tempt me again! That link to Adirondack Yarns is such a tease. I sure wish I lived closer. I would love to join your class. I love your polly wolly doodle hat and plan to make one for my god daughter.

Anonymous said...

That's a great hat! I'm going to make one, or two, maybe three? Anyway, thanks!


Anonymous said...



carol said...

i love your hat and i am now looking for some yarn to make one.

thanks for the pattern.

Carol in NC
mcshepp at bellsouth.net

Anonymous said...

Smart way to use up leftover yarns, and it came out so nice too. I'm sure your Dad will love it. Wish my hubby would like the hats I make, but he only wears them when it's super cold outside. I guess that means they must be warm! LOL


Kim said...

Hi, wish I had more leftovers so I could make one (need to buy more yarn, don't I!?). I'm in the middle of a shawl for my Mom's Christmas gift and it is taking forever - a 1-day hat sounds great!

silvalepe at verizon dot net

who got here via jtownsend list...

Becky said...

That's a great hat...and such a scientific method you used to design it! LOL
Thanks for sharing it with us.

Susan said...

I'm sure your Dad will like it and wear it proudly.

tweezle said...

Way cool! The hat turned out great!!!! You know, I've found that by doing things at random (like having the kids pick your numbers) you come out with something much nicer than if you had taken the time to plan.


Maggie Keeble said...

Your hat is beautiful! It's simple and good looking! I'll have to make one

Edna said...

Love the hat. Great idea!

sue sticksel said...

Hey Kerry, I'm knitting hats for christmas presents and will be casting on these latest two shortly .


Sue s.

Colette said...

Cool hat. And so easy to make too. A matching scarf would be great. Is that in the works?
Happy knitting ...Colette in MB

Anonymous said...

Love the hat. I may have to make a few of those for gifts.

Teresa said...

I like the color combo with the hat.

Dani said...

Love the randomness of the hat - I love how random things can look so well orchestrated =)

Thanks for the link to Adirondack Yarn - I just requested info on the Winter retreats =)

Leslie said...

Here I am - as usual :)

Great hat, Kerry. And isn't Bran such a prince? How much you want to bet he'll start to agitate for one since your dad (obviously) will want to keep this.

Have a great day.

Leslie said...

p.s. you did the hat magic loop, right? Otherwise you'd have stretched the heck out of the stitches on a 30" needle.

Lisa D. said...

Thanks for another pattern! I love to use leftovers....got any ideas for all that leftover sock yarn we all seem to accumulate?

Dragonridermom said...

The colors of your hat are gorgeous, they almost seemed to shimmer. Great job!!

adrienne said...

your dad's cap is very nice. what a fun way to decide
on how many rows for stripes.

adrienne in the bellybutton of california

Connie from Socknitters said...

Wow, I LOVE the colors in this hat!!! They actually shimmer in the photograph! Lovely, lovely, lovely choices and a great way to decide on the number of rows :-).

Anonymous said...

Great hat! Thanks for sharing the pattern.


Joyce said...

Whoops I sure don't know how to leave msgs... thanks for the hat pattern, and the contest. Good luck everyone!

Knitcrazy said...

Oh My Gosh... How could he NOT love the Hat..
You MADE it just for him and its Terific.. LOVE the color combos..


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your pattern with us. I love it! Your talent and generosity is much appreciated.

Knitcrazy said...

Oh That Adarondack Yarn Shop looks like My Kind of Place..
I could get lost in there for DAYS !!!!


Donna in NY said...

Thanks for the Brannock site. I've never been there before.

Anonymous said...

I just saw your Lamb's Pride left-over hat - phew, another few xmas gift problems. now I just need to stop sleeping!

great blog
Anita in St Louis

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