Monday, November 07, 2005

Dinner and a Show

Friday night we went to Plattsburgh to do some grocery shopping. Before we left the house I asked Dailaesse where she wanted to go for dinner. Blutcher Block. They have lummy steak and lummy french fries and coloring books and crayons. She said it quite matter-of-factly. When we got to Plattsburgh not quite an hour later I asked her if she still wanted to go to Butcher Block. Yup. So off to Butcher Block we went. Butcher Block is one of the best steak houses in Plattsburgh. It's not ultra fancy but it's not McDonald's either. You see where I'm going with this don't you? We went in and were seated. The waitress came to take our drink orders. Dailaesse ordered her own root beer and struck up a nice conversation with the waitress all about how root beer is her flavorite. No, the L's aren't typos...that's how Dailaesse pronounces some of her words. The waitress said how cute she is and told us that she's expecting her first baby and hopes that hers is as sweet and well behaved as Dailaesse. Then she tells us we can go to the salad bar and leaves to go get our sodas. That's when it happened. Dailaesse started bouncing in her seat chanting, "I don't want Blutcher Block." She was quiet and we distracted her by going to the salad bar. She ate a bunch of "baby" tomatoes and started chanting again. This time a little louder. The waitress came with our drinks and took our dinner orders. Steaks for Bran and Dailaesse and a yummy stuffed chicken breast for me. As soon as the waitress left the chanting started back up. We fed her more tomatoes. We asked for a coloring book. These worked for a bit then she had to go potty. I got up to take her to the bathroom and as soon as we got to the hallway that leads to the restroom she started screaming. I managed to get her into the bathroom so she could pee. There was an older woman in the bathroom smoking. I wanted to gag. It was so strong. She wasn't amused with Dailaesse's screaming. Serves her right for smoking in a public restroom. So after that I had to pretty much drag her back to the table. She didn't want to stay so I put her coat on and thought if I took her out and walked around the parking lot a bit she might settle down. Yeah right. She was fine while we walked. She visited and sang and was quite happy. As soon as we headed toward the doors she dug her heels into the ground and started screaming again. I tried to explain to her that her daddy was sitting in there waiting for us and that we at least had to go get him so we could leave. Nope. So I picked her up kicking and screaming and went into collect my husband and pay for our dinners which had thankfully just been brought out. Bran took the screaming meemie out to the van while I paid for dinner and waited for our wonderful waitress to box them up. I went back to the van, annoyed to think we had just paid for a dinner that we weren't going to get to enjoy, and told Dailaesse I was very disappointed with her. Her little face dropped and she looked at me with those beautiful big blue eyes and told me she was sorry but she didn't want Blutcher Block. I asked why and she offered no reason other than that she didn't want it. I couldn't be upset with that sweet little face. I asked Bran to go back in and ask if we could borrow some silverware so we could eat in the van. He returned a few minutes later with silverware, napkins and salt and pepper. I sat in back with Dailaesse so I could help her eat. We put in a movie. The little stinker ate almost all of her dinner. And we had a blast.

Dinner - $65
Eating in your van in the parking lot - priceless

So my friend Laura has to be one of the most talented designers I know. She just sent me a sneak preview for one of her latest designs which will be the November sock of the month over at Judy's. If you love knitting socks you've got to check this out. You get a new pattern every month (or every other month if you prefer) as well as the yarn to make the socks for only $16.95 a month(or every other month). :-) It's a great deal and there are some amazing patterns. Laura also has some of her patterns available for sale directly from her. You won't be disappointed with her patterns! They're not only beautiful and unique but they're useful as well. I can't wait to be able to get the new ones! She's also doing the December sock. I'm so excited!!!

Hope everyone's off to the start of a great week! It's very windy here today. We had some thunder and lightning last night with a little rain but otherwise it's been really nice for the past few days.


toni said...

dinner in the van sounds like a mini picnic .. your such a good mommy to make the mosr out of a sticky situation .. She was just having a bad moment lol. and it was a priceless moment in time, one to remember and to tell her when she gets older. some mommys just let there kids scream and then it disrupts the rest of the guest. I to take my grandbabies out of the restruant when they are fussy , my children dont often get out to eat and its easier for me to take them out and let them eat.. but i often get the little ones to calm down and we go back in .. hope that wind dont get to bad.. take care of you and thanks for the priceless story,.

Cyndie said...

Sounds like you're a great mom.
I dont have any kids, only Chihuahuas.
I plan on joining the sock club on payday, it sounds great!!!

toni said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog about the clogs . ahemmm you know it wouldnt of been possible if it wasent for all your help .. girlie

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerry,

You definitely have more patience than I ever had. But having a "picnic" in the van sounds like fun too. I would never have thought of it.


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