Monday, November 28, 2005

Hats Off

I whipped up a hat for Darcie yesterday from a skein of Noro Silk Garden. I love the way it turned out. A little shorter than what I would wear but it's exactly what she wanted. I had my doubts as to whether one ball of Silk Garden was going to be enough or not but it was and I even had a fairly decent amount left over. Darcie was so thrilled with her new hat that when I went up to tuck her in last night she was wearing it. She had already fallen to sleep and was laying there nice and snug in bed, drool pooling up on her arm, with her new hat on. I really knew she liked it when she wore it to school this morning. It's one thing to wear something in the house but wearing it in public is a totally different beast all together.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kerry,
Darcie's hat is really beautiful, and she is adorable in it. I love the colors!!! What a sweet thing, to be so happy with her new hat as to wear it to bed! I love that!

My sister saw my Ruffles scarf, and has claimed it for herself.....oh well. And thanks for visiting and the compliment. Much appreciated.


Leslie said...

ok - I'll ask - Does Darcie really have different color eyes or is it just the camera? They're each gorgeous and together quite stunning!

Nice hat too, momma :))

toni said...

very pretty hat .. love the colors she is so cute.. good job .. your so creative girlie..

Erin said...

Hi, I think I am the first comment for the 12 Days of Christmas contest. I am finally on time for something besides work. Being on the other side of the world has its advantages sometimes. :)

adrienne said...

happy december 1st! oh boy! kerry is having a contest!!!!!

adrienne in the bellybutton of california

LueH said...

Beautiful colors!!!!
I sure Darcie will get lots of compliments on her hat at school.

Lue in Louisiana

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