Friday, November 11, 2005

Kerry Needs

Yup, I did it. I succumbed to the need to be like everyone else. I've been seeing this on other blogs left and right lately so I thought it would be fun to do. You go to Google and type in "(Your name) needs" and then right down the 10 best ones. I had no intention of posting my findings until I actually saw them. It was too much fun...

1. Kerry needs to get much tougher with Bush.

Don't we all??? Oh, and that reminds me about the sign I saw outside a Baptist church. It read, "Would someone just give him a blow job so we can impeach him?" I found that quite amusing.

2. Kerry needs some of his wife's sauce.

Trust me, I'm saucy enough. And yes, I know it says "he." Seems John Kerry is much more popular than people thought as there are some people out there who can't stop talking about him.

3. Kerry needs to go away.

I do???

4. Kerry needs a push.

Might just help get some of these damn projects finished.

5. Kerry needs to capture Clinton's magic.

I thought that was Monica's job.

6. Kerry needs to answer.

What's the question???

7. Kerry needs to get jazzed about presidential campaign.

Get jazzed? About presidential campaign? Maybe if there was someone running to get jazzed about.

8. Kerry needs to win.

So true. Remember the Yahtzee story?

9. Kerry needs to keep up.

Boy do I ever.

10. Kerry needs a Korean history lesson.

It's true. (((sigh))) I don't know much about Korean history.

Now, as promised here is the hat and mittens I made for Dailaesse. She looks so cute in this set. I made them all a little big so she'll be able to wear them again next year. Maybe even the year after but I think that'll be pushing it. I didn't want them so big that they would be useless to her now either. They're just right for her now and later. I made the set holding one strand of Plymouth Galway 08 and one strand of Opal Magic 1043 together. I love how the set turned out.

And here's the new toys my hubby picked out for us. The keyboard was a little awkward at first because of the wrist rest but it is so comfortable. And I love all the quick buttons. Very handy. And the built in mouse is cool too. I just love this new set!

Hey, what would you all think about doing an exchange of some sort? Maybe a scarf or hat. Something quick and easy but fun at the same time? Let me know what ya think!


toni said...

Them mittens and hat are beautiful.. they turned out good.. love the mouse and keyboard . so jealous of you right now lol. have a good weekend

toni said...

Kerry what is the buttons on the left of that keyboard looks like another mouse of some sort?

SDMC said...

The mittens and hat are adorable.

I'd love to participate in a scarf exchange.

Anonymous said...

Hi Terry,
Your post had me laughing so hard! Thank you for that. It definitely brightend up the day.

The hat and mittens are gorgeous. I really do love the blend of colors and they way they worked up. Dialaesse must be so proud of her new hat and mittens!

I have to admit, the new keyboard looks interresting. Of course, having one that is really comfortable is the most important thing. My hubby bought me a roller-ball mouse last year, and although it is corded, I love it. It works much easier for me than the standard mouse did. I am sure that if I had to, I could readjust to the standard style of mouse again, but not because I wanted to! haha

Have a great day!

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