Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Turkey Day

I wish you all a wonderful day with family, friends, good food and lots to be thankful for. I have to say that the things I am most thankful for stay fairly constant throughout the years. My beautiful children, Brandon, my parents, my family and friends, God, a comfortable home and food in the fridge. I am truly blessed. Even though Thanksgiving isn't my favorite holiday I do like that it reminds me of this fact.

Even though I said we weren't doing the turkey thing today, I caved at the grocery store last night and bought a bird. Partly because they didn't have the roasting chicken I wanted and partly because I realized that Bran and I haven't had a Thanksgiving of our own. Ever. We've always gone to my parents, his mothers or out. Since we weren't having turkey anywhere else this year and since Dan and Darcie had no desire to have it here at home I decided to cook one for just the 3 of us. I thought we'd have some turkey and mashed potatoes...maybe some green beans. Then I got up this morning feeling in the mood to cook. So my turkey is ready for the oven, my potatoes are peeled, I've got homemade dough rising for rolls, I took out a box of Stove Top and I just sent Bran to the store for some cranberry sauce. I should have known better to think that I'd be satisfied with only part of a Thanksgiving feast. It's either all or nothing. No middle of the road for me.

Happy, happy Turkey Day!!! (((Gobble Gobble)))


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Day to you Kerry, and to all your loved ones too.

We awoke to the ground covered in snow, and it has continued snowing most of the day. Our 3rd snow this winter, but the first plowable snow. Beautiful!!


toni said...

Happy Thanksgiving Kerry,, just got home from my daughters house we had a feast and so much fun with lots of my babies and children.. what a happy day to spend with family . I loved it I had 5 of my seven grandbabies there wish i could of had the other two but you know how it goes.. after dinner we all sat down in front of the tv and watch War of the worlds .. good movie .. it just topped off the day all the babies were all cuddled up with us and one actually feel asleep.. .
Hope you had a good day also..

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