Monday, November 14, 2005

No Use Crying Over Spilled Soda

I wasn't very productive this weekend. I really wanted to play with some socks for the magic loop class this weekend but only made one quick pair with worsted yarn. This was a freebie pattern from the internet that one of the girls at Adirondack Yarns found. I decided to make the socks big enough for Dailaesse. She loves them and so do I! This yarn was so nice to work with. It's Karaoke by South West Trading Company and is 50% soy silk and 50% wool. Drop Sue an email (adirondackyarns at adelphia dot net) to see what she has available if you're interested. It's so soft and silky and I absolutely love the way the colors change. I'm hoping to have enough left from the ball to make another pair. I plan to give the participants of the class the choice between making these with size 7 needles or making a pair with fingering and size 1 needles. Just need to whip up the pair with fingering weight to see how the pattern works for them. I think it should be fine.

I had a ton of stuff to do this weekend and didn't get half of it done. I spent the morning Saturday driving to the vet that was on call for our normal vet (why do they have to refer you to someone out of town???) who was away for the weekend. Mickey had worms. Poor little man. We noticed Friday night just after dinner that he had them. I can't stand it when the animals are sick and I especially hate worms. When we brought Dixie home she was loaded with them. There is nothing worse than the thought of parasites feeding on your pets and crawling in your home. Yuck!!! Anyways, thankfully the vet didn't even want to see him so I was able to leave him home. I picked up the medication for him and gave it to him when I got home shortly after noon and by late afternoon the worms were gone. I was amazed at how fast the medication worked. We kept him quarantined for 24 hours after we had given him the medication to be safe. With the baby in the house I'm a little anal about things like that. So all the things I wanted to do turned into sterilizing the house. I bleached everything. Probably overkill I know but again, I'm anal.

Bran started decorating for Christmas yesterday while the weather was nice. I finished cleaning around 3pm, took a shower and then we decided to go to Plattsburgh for dinner. We stopped at Verizon for Bran's phone. Yup, yet another phone to exchange. This was his 4th phone since every time they replace it they send the same crap model. He came out of the store with his same phone in hand, got in the van and said they wouldn't replace it because they couldn't duplicate the problem in the few minutes that he had spent at the service counter. I went through the roof. I took the phone in and a little screaming and a few minutes later I returned to the van to let Bran know we needed to return in 20 minutes to get his new phone. That gave us time to go to the mall for him to exchange a couple tools that had broken. Too bad all stores aren't like Sears. They give you a new tool, no questions asked and send you on your merry little way. Verizon could learn something from them.

Anyways, after picking up his new phone we went to Applebee's for dinner. A few minutes after our appetizers came out Darcie knocked her soda over. Bran was able to catch the stream with napkins so she didn't get any on her or anyone else. Phew! We had a great dinner. The kids were really well behaved. We laughed and visited. Then the kids and Bran decided they wanted dessert. They all ordered. The waitress brought them out just after refilling all our drinks. As she passed Darcie's dessert across the table to her she knocked her filled-to-the-top-couldn't-get-anymore-in-glass-if-you-tried soda over. This time we weren't so lucky. Darcie was soaked. Her leg, her coat that had been sitting on the bench next to her, her shirt. Wanna know the best part??? The waitress never even apologized. After the ordeal at Verizon Wireless I didn't dare open my mouth. We paid our check and left. Darcie walked out with her coat wrapped around her waist so people wouldn't think she had peed her pants. Poor little angel. I tried making up for it by buying her some lottery tickets but she didn't win anything. She's usually pretty lucky. Guess last night just wasn't her night.


Anonymous said...

Good for you Kerry,
Standing up for your hubby like that and getting him a replacement phone.

Glad dinner was nice and that you all enjoyed yourselves.


toni said...

Oh gezz you sound just like me .. when someone does not do right at a store or resturant .. I get a little upset and let them know it .. 9 times out of ten things get straighten out .. im proud you kept quiet at applebees this girl would of said well at least you could of said sorry .. and I would of probally gotten the manager involved to . depends who was with me .. my hubby and mom dont like it when i speak up .. lol. love your socks beautiful yarn..
Take care of you

Leslie said...

so, what's the free pattern they got off the web? There are lots of 'em I know but which one is Kerry the knitting teacher recommending??? Please???????

I don't understand why you didn't ask the manager for some accommodation due to the soda being spilled. It wasn't Darcie's fault - it was the waitress' klutziness, no? Poor Darcie.


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