Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I'm Late, I'm Late!!!

Sandra Knapp was the lucky name for yesterday folks. I still haven't drawn our lucky grand prize winner yet though. I know I promised a winner today but it's been a killer. I had to call in reinforcement about a half hour ago. How pathetic is it that my 2 year old is kicking my arse??? She spilled her milk all over the floor and while I was trying to clean that mess she decided it would be great fun to tear my plants apart (from the back of the couch that she was sitting on) and feed them to the dog (who's too stupid to realize she shouldn't be eating the plants) who promptly chewed them up and puked on the carpet at the bottom of the stairs.

Keep checking back because come hell or high water I will have a winner before midnight!

Wanna recap of the names in the running while you wait???

Lisa D (2)
Sandra Knapp (2)
Adrienne (2)
Donna in NY

Now dear readers, please excuse me while I go quietly have the nervous breakdown I so desperately deserve this evening.

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mf said...

hmmm having one of those nights are you!
My DD has been ill came home from the hospital after being there since Friday and she's still puking! ;o(((( I'd rather be cleaning spilled milk and dog ickkie though.....lol
Have a great night and good luck!

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