Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Oh Goody...Goodies!!!

It rained all day yesterday. I had a ton of errands to run. My hair frizzes up like the Bride of Frankenstein's when it gets wet. See how my day was going? I heard the mail truck coming up the road and thought, "Oh great. Another trip out into the rain." I thought of leaving it for Bran to get when he got home but then remembered that he was going to be late because he had to pick the dog up from the groomer. I sucked it up and ran down the drive to the box. Boy am I glad I did! Imagine my surprise when I saw a big box sitting on the mail post. I grabbed it to see who it was secret pal! I grabbed the rest of the mail and ran back to the house. I couldn't get the box opened fast enough. Look what I got!!! 2 incredible skeins of yarn, Colinette's Tagliatelli and Shaggy from Wool in the Woods. Tagliatelli is a yummy merino tape and the Shaggy is the almost like chenille but 1000 times better because it's soft and smooth and silky and...oh my! I think I'll use the yarns for some scarves from the Scarves: A Knitter's Dozen book that was in my box. There are some amazing patterns in that book, let me tell ya! I also got a copy of The Knitter's Gift, a healing garden starter kit, bathing gloves, a Jing Garden in a can, a grocery pad and magnet with sheep on them and a Mom's Apple Pie scented Yankee votive candle. I feel so spoiled and lucky! Thank you, thank you, thank you Secret Pal!!! You've really outdone yourself!

Today has been really strange. It was 78 degrees this morning but VERY windy. Gorgeous. Especially for mid November. Then the rain came. The temperature dropped to 42 degrees. Then the power went out. At 11 this morning. It's now 2 in the afternoon. The power just came back on. Have you any idea how many times it takes you to explain to a toddler that the television, CD player, DVD player, lights and everything else in the house don't work when the power is out??? Me either.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kerry,

That is a VERY NICE package indeed! I know you are going to have such fun with your goodies too. I also looked at the bright orange scarf you made, and it's really nice!! I like it very much!

Strange weather here too, and sometimes I need someone to explain to ME why the electricity is going out. That happened here this morning, and it's a gorgeous sunny day with not a cloud in the sky. So why we lost power is a total mystery to me. Thank goodness it wasn't off for too long.

Have a great day,

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