Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Christmas in January

I can't believe I never posted about my awesome, amazing Christmas gifts this year.

This is one of the lamps form the pair that my sweet baby boy (good thing he doesn't read the blog, he'd have a fit that I called him that) made just for me with his own 2 hands for Christmas. He didn't get to finish them until after they got back to school from break but let me tell you what, they were so worth the wait! He never ceases to amaze me. Gorgeous!

I also got the most beautiful cashmere scarf from Sue. I'd show you a picture but my camera doesn't seem to be cooperating. It's awesome. And soft. And warm. And I love it! Thanks again Sue! You're the greatest!

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Leslie said...

How lovely! You certainly won't find anything like that in a store (except maybe LL Bean for a tidy sum) and I'm certain that they are well made. You'll be using them when you have grandchildren and I know you'll embarrass Dan by telling his kids how he made them, how he was worried you wouldn't like them, etc etc LOL

You KNOW you can't wait!

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