Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My Box

One of the participants in the Mystery Jacket KAL asked yesterday if it was ok that she always ends up choosing the same colors for everything she knits for herself. I wrote her back and said that we all have a color or 2 that we find work really well on us and that it's very common to gravitate towards those colors when we knit. I went on to say that I used to be guilty of the same thing but that recently I've been stepping out of my little box. That was a lie.

I always tend to go for blue when I knit for me. See all that gorgeous blue wool up there? That is to be my Mystery Jacket. Oh sure, I own shirts and coats in other colors. BUT they were bought at the store. Not knit. By me. With my time. And if I'm going to knit something for me with my hands and my time...it's very obviously going to be blue.

I've set up a Ravelry group for the KAL too if you want to check things out there. 17 people have signed up already. This is going to be SO much fun!

ETA: I completely forgot to add this in here before hitting publish...

I answered Leslie's questions in an email to her but thought you might all be interested in hearing them:

1. No steeks! LOL
2. It's a cardigan.
3. No colorwork. The contrast color is brought in (if you want to add a contrast color, the choice is yours as the jacket can easily be worked all in one color) as a border around the jacket panels after they're knit.

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