Sunday, January 20, 2008

Clog Dancing

I bought some Noro Kureyon about 2 years ago specifically for a pair of clogs for Bran. Then it got lost in my stash. Yikes. That's scary isn't it? It is to me. Anywho, I dug through my stash shortly before our anniversary searching for the Noro I knew I had. Way at the back of the closet in one of the bottom bins I found it hiding. I brought it out and knit it up into these:

My hubby loves them. Don't his feet look happy?

I wasn't crazy about the way the Kureyon felted. It took forever. And as I'm sure you can guess, it felted much more slowly than the other yarn I used for the sole and trim. Oh well. He has no idea the trouble I had and quite honestly, he wouldn't care if he did. He's just happy to have some new clogs.


Kelly said...

May I ask what pattern you used? I'm wanting to make my hubby some but he doesn't like the style of my current clog-slipper pattern so I'm on the prowl for a new one.

Melissa said...

I am curious about the same. My grandfather asked for a pattern.

Leslie said...

Remember the pair you sent me 3 years ago? (Yep, this is the third winter I'm enjoying them. Thanks again.) I'll replace them as the soles are getting thin :( Since you sent me the Fiber Trends pattern along with 'em though, I'm all set except for getting yarn.

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