Friday, January 18, 2008

In My Room

We did a little construction over the holidays. Dan built an incredible platform bed for Darcie with storage bins underneath. We moved some things around and freed up a lot of floor space in her tiny room. She loves it. We have a hard time getting her out of there now.

He also built a wall between the dining room and kitchen. The dining room is now our bedroom. Do you hear that? Our very own bedroom. We haven't had our own room in almost 5 years. It's small and our laundry room is right off it but it's all ours. With a locking door. I'm in heaven.

SO, that means the little monkey now has her very own room as well. And guess what? She loves it! She plays up there for hours on end. She cleans it at night before she goes to bed. In her own bed. Where she sleeps most, if not all, of the night. Her toys have been moved from the living room. There's no more mess. It's amazing.


Leslie said...

Hip! Hip! Hooray!!! 'bout damn time :) But the only problem? Now there's no excuse for a messy house - Duder's toys are in her room. ;->

Maureen said...

Yeah! Congrats on the new features constructed in the house! It all sounds good for you!

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