Friday, January 25, 2008

Oh My! You're HUGE!

Is exactly what I said when I opened my package from Simply Socks and pulled out my very own hank of sKNITches! It's 420 yards but damn it feels like twice that amount. I chose the Mint Mocha Latte color and it looks as good as it sounds. I can smell the mint. I also got a hank of Classic Elite's Alpaca Sox to try. I think my dad will love a pair of simple black socks. Oh, and another sheep tape measure since I can't find the one I previously had. I have a feeling if I checked the kids rooms really well I'd find it. My three kiddos find nothing more amusing than pulling the tape measure out of the sheeps ass and watching it get sucked back in.

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Charles said...

O my god You got sKNITches? Does are lovely color foing to be nice socks!

Another thing, check out my knitting blog too! See what you think!Comment me also!


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