Saturday, January 05, 2008

Energize Me

That is 9" of reindeer sweater numero tres. I'm knitting it in Reynolds Signature. I know, it's acrylic. But for some reason it doesn't feel as acrylic-y as the Encore I used for the other 2. Thank goodness. There would be more completed but I had to stop and admire this:

It arrived in the mail and will become this cardigan for Duder. It's amazing to me that they offer so many gorgeous FREE patterns. This will be my first attempt at steeks. Wish me luck.

Velma - Duder is my littlest monkey's nickname. We also call her Dudette. Which is more gender appropriate but for some reason Duder gets used more. My hubby's name is Brandon but I call him hubby or just plain old Bran. I know, not very creative am I? LOL

Dexter has been quite lazy since the cold weather set in. He no longer begs to go out for hours at a time and has been content to lay on the couch. I can only assume this lack of playfulness is out of his control as his stealing a brand new 4 pack of AA batteries off the kitchen counter and eating one of them screams ENERGIZE ME!!!

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Leslie said...

Wow! That is some serious colorwork in Dudette's newest cardi. But don't fear the steeks as even I have managed a cardi with steeks. Using the yarn specified in the Garn Studio site will insure it's hairy enough to not even think of unraveling sideways and if it does think of it, you'll just put on your "mommy voice" :) You'll do fine, Kerry; I have great faith.

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