Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Raining Reindeer

The kids are all back to school today and I'm trying to settle back in to our routine. I love how busy the house is when the kids are home and I really miss it more after we've had a long school break. Today is just a bit too quiet for this mama.

So remember I told you awhile back that I was knitting sweaters for a lady? Check out the 2 I knit this month for her to give them for Christmas:

These photos are of the size 2 sweater knit in light grey Encore:

These are the size 6 knit in charcoal Encore:

Duder liked these so much she's requested a green sweater with red reindeer. I hope to get Darcie's pair of Fetching finished up today so I can cast on for the sweater tonight. The pattern is from Yankee Knitter and is #1.


Shelby said...

The sweaters are gorgeous!! As is the little girl in the last pic. She's getting SO big!!!

Amy said...

Man - that sweater is amazing! She is so adorable in it!

What is the trick to color work, and not having a mass of tangled yarn on the 'inside' of the sweater?

Knitting Mama said...

What a beautiful sweater.

Happy New Year Kerry!

Leslie said...

Nice intarsia and fair isle combination! I had noticed the photos in your flickr/ravelry things. Miss D is getting big - when we met she was still sleeping with you!

Hasbu said...

Gorgeous sweaters!

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