Saturday, September 17, 2005

Before and After

Well I finally completed the Fiber Trends felted clogs. Before felting they were a little over 15 inches long. After felting they are about 12 inches. I really hate photographing socks and clogs because for some reason they always look like they are not the same size. Trust me though, they are. I've measured and re-measured and held them next to each other and against each other so many times that it's not funny. Yes, I am obsessive. I like things to be perfect. Especially when they are for someone else. Even more so when that someone else is paying me to make them. I hope the buyer is as pleased with them as I am.

Now that the clogs are done and delivered I really have to get back to the Amble socks for the 6SoxKAL. I also have to start a sweater for Dailaesse to wear with her dance clothes. We picked out a cute little wrap sweater from the adorable knits for tots book by Zoe Mellor. Dailaesse chose white Patons Astra for her sweater. While this sounds dreadfully boring I think it will work well as her leotard and skirt are pink. I'm hoping she'll choose a pretty pastel ribbon for the tie though instead of white.

Seems how I'm all about before and after today I thought I'd let you know that before the lottery drawing last night I wasn't a millionaire. And after? Still not a millionaire. One person in New Jersey won the entire $250 million jackpot. Hmm, I you think it might be a single man?

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