Friday, September 16, 2005

Dollar and a Dream

We went to dinner last night half way between here and Lake Placid. When we finished we decided (on my suggestion) to take Dailaesse to Howard Johnson's for ice cream. Of course it never crossed my mind that Adirondack Yarns is in Lake Placid or that it was open until 8 last night when I suggested it. Yeah, right. I was sitting at dinner thinking of all the fun things I could get to spoil my new secret pal. Thinking of how I could lure my 2 year old and husband to Lake Placid. Ice cream. Works like magic every time. On the 2 year old and the 29 year old. I got a few wonderful gifts for my secret pal that I think she's going to love. I can't wait to get her package finished up and mailed off to her. This secret pal thing just totally kicks ass. It's like Christmas for 3 months. Of course I couldn't shop for my secret pal without shopping for me too. Sue had just gotten a ton of new Fleece Artist sock yarn. I couldn't resist. I also bought a gorgeous green Fleece Artist kid aran. See how it happens? I set out for presents for my secret pal and end up getting SEX in the yarn store. I took a picture...wanna see? If you've never used Fleece Artist before I urge you to run right out and get some now. It's incredible! And, someone said the sock yarn comes from the same mill as Koigu. I knew I liked it for a reason.

So they say on the commercials here in NY that all you need is a dollar, or in my case $20, and a dream. I've always had a "if one is good then more MUST be better" mentality. Keep your fingers crossed for me. The jackpot tonight is $250 million. I can't imagine what you'd do with that kind of money. I do know that if we won there would be lots of help heading to the Katrina victims.

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