Monday, September 05, 2005

Labor Day

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday weekend. Brandon is home today so I plan to get some knitting and housework done. While the knitting isn't labor the housework sure is. Wouldn't be a holiday without it right?

I haven't managed much knitting for what seems like forever. Even though it's only been about a week. It was beautiful yesterday so we played outside. We chased a ball for miles around the backyard, we jumped in the trampoline and we watched a red squirrel throw apples out of our trees. He was quite comical to watch. I had noticed off and on throughout the day that apples seemed to be hurling themselves out of the tree and onto the ground with a lot more force than usual. The little guy was so small and the trees are so full that it was hard to see him. He started out in one tree and when he decided he had thrown enough apples out of that one he jumped to the one next to it. We're talking about 4 feet between branches. From the top of the tree. He looked like a circus dude on the trapeze flipping down through the tree, catching branches as he fell. Too funny. Ok, so it doesn't take a lot to amuse us around here.

My father in law was supposed to be camping nearby for the weekend but cancelled his trip with the soaring gas prices. I was reminded of a funny story when he wrote to tell us he would be camping. He said a friend from work would be coming along and would be bringing his Jet Ski. I laughed. Hard. I'm still laughing. Why? Well let me tell you...

When Bran and I first started dating he came every weekend to visit. He was from Rochester/Buffalo if you'll remember. He drove a sporty black Saab. He was all city. It didn't take him long to get into all the fun things there are to do in the Adirondacks. He bought a Jet Ski. We used it every weekend. One weekend, we were out with some friends on the lake riding Jet Skis. Our friends have tubes. We had three out on the lake and were taking turns giving rides. It was time for Bran to take his first ever spin. He hopped on at the dock and I took off dragging him out into the lake. It was a beautiful day. There were lots of people on the lake and lots of people on their docks. Since we were on Lake Flower there was also a lot of traffic driving by on the main road that runs along the lake. We were buzzing around and I decided to spin Bran a little. Since the lake was busy I was paying more attention to the other lake traffic than I was to Bran behind me on the rubber tube. People started clapping and tooting. People jumped up on their docks and cheered. I wondered what the hell was going on. I looked around to see who was doing what and where. Nothing out of the ordinary. I stopped and turned to ask Bran if he had seen what had happened. Turns out it was Bran that happened. By spinning him on the tube I created suction. Suction that pulled my then boyfriend into the lake. Then spewed him out. Without his trunks. Hence the cheers.

Enjoy the last day of the holiday!!!

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