Friday, September 09, 2005


Dailaesse is running around the house in her underwear and a purple zip down jacket happily at the moment. Why? If you ask her she'll say it's because she wants to. If you ask me I'll tell you it's because she has escaped naptime. I tried. For over an hour I tried. But it didn't work. Most days she does really well without a nap. But of course today isn't most days. And yes, like I said, she is happy right now but we all know that's going to change later. Later is the problem. Later Bran and I will be going out for a couple hours and Dailaesse will be spending some time with her Nana and Papa. The problem? We have to leave at 5:30 and my mother doesn't get done work until 5:30...which means that she won't be home until probably close to 6 pm...which means my father will be alone with Dailaesse for about 30 minutes. See the problem? No? Well, the last time we left my father alone with Dailaesse to go pick Dan and Darcie up from visitation with their father 10 minutes away Dailaesse woke up and screamed. Not just any scream. This was one of those blood-curdling screams that seem to be reached only by the little girls in my family. The kind that makes you wish someone would run their fingernails across a blackboard to drown out the horrible noise escaping their mouths. The kind that makes you check to see if you're bleeding from the ears. And yes, it is and was that bad. I've heard it. 8 times that one night to be exact. That was the number of times my father called within the 20 minutes we were gone. When I asked my parents to watch her tonight they cheerfully agreed. They both love the chance to spoil her. But when I told my mother last night that I'd be bringing her over at 5:30 and my father overheard the conversation he wasn't as cheerful as he'd been when I asked him to babysit a couple weeks ago. "Remember what happened the last time you people left her alone with me?" he screamed. We tried to reassure him that the reason she carried on and over and around last time was because she had been sleeping and that everything would be just fine tonight. She adores her Papa as much as he does her. But. She hasn't had a nap. And she knows hows to push his buttons. And even though she's only 2 she is very much an instigator. She just loves to get him going. And he's getting older. And doesn't have as much patience as he once did. I'm packing an emergency supply of Smarties just in case there's trouble. This is assuming I can get clothes on her to take her out of the house in the first place. Wish me luck.

In knitting news, I've almost completed the blue clogs. And I only have one more pattern repeat to do on my first Amble sock. I'm really feeling the itch to start something new but I really need to get some of these other projects finished. I also have a sweater in the making for my father in law. Now that it's getting cooler at night it's going to be easier to work on that. Since I've had so little time to knit (I'm literally talking maybe 2-3 minutes per day) for the past week or so I'm scared to start something new. Being back to school takes it's toll on me. There's always so much more to do at night. Plus I'm up way earlier in the morning which makes me not want to stay up as late at night. I'm usually a night person but having to get my lazy ass out of bed in the morning to get the kids up and ready for school is a killer. Some nights I fall asleep putting the baby to bed at 8. How lame am I? It'll be better as soon as I adjust to the early morning hours again. And then there will be more knitting. I swear.

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