Sunday, September 18, 2005

Duck, Duck, Pig

This past Friday Dailaesse and I went and picked up lunch from the deli. Then we went and picked Bran up from work. This works out really well for him because he only gets a 1/2 hour for lunch and it takes him 5 minutes one way to get to/from work. We decided instead of going to sit out at the boat launch and eat in the van like we usually do that we'd have lunch at one of the picnic tables at the lake instead. There wasn't a sole around. The baby sat and actually started eating her lunch instead of goofing around. That is until company arrived. Four female mallards swam all the way from the other side of the lake over to the picnic area. It's obvious that people have been feeding them all summer because these little ladies weren't afraid of us in the least. They came right up to us and took our lunch out of our hands. One even took a little nibble of Bran's finger. Oh, and just in case you've never been nibbled by a duck, it doesn't hurt. It does however startle someone (Bran to be more specific) who's never been nibbled by a duck enough to make them shreak. Which was very funny by the way. Oh, and one other thing about ducks...they love potato chips. So much so that they will try to climb up your leg to get to them. When climbing your leg doesn't work they will eventually remember that they can fly up onto the top of the picnic table and help themselves. We decided we have to do this more often. Next time though I will bring a loaf of bread for the ducks.

Saturday we took Dailaesse to get a new pair of sandals. Dixie, the puppy, chewed her sandals a couple weeks ago. Seems how she had a little trouble walking in them to begin with I decided to just pitch them and wait to buy a new pair next summer. BUT, Dailaesse wanted to wear sandals. And she didn't care whose she wore. After arguing with her for the past 3 days that her size 8 toddler feet really don't fit her sisters size 7 womens sandals I decided I couldn't wait until next year to buy her new sandals. Even though there wasn't a big selection we did find a really cute pair that she liked and they were 50% off. Very nice. And, there's no better way to show off a freshly painted set of piggy toes than in a new pair of sandals.

Today all 3 of us girls are heading to a baby shower for my cousins oldest daughter. Ethan should make his appearance in December. He's already loved more than he will ever know. :-)

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