Thursday, September 22, 2005

Reinventing the Wheel

I guess if I'm going to ask you all to leave comments I better get my ass in gear in the morning and post huh? It was so nice to see that Leslie stopped by and left her vote. Hi Leslie! Today is crazy as usual as I'm trying to get ready for Dan's first football game of the season. It's an away game so that means packing a little bit of everything for the baby. It also means stopping at McDonald's prior to the game to get Dan some McNuggets. Even though I'll be at the game and would love to bring my son back to town when it's finished, my ex-husband makes him ride the bus because his visitation begins at 5pm. He's such a loser. And believe me, that's put it mildly. If I thought I could control the amount of expletives used I'd tell you what I really think of him.

I got a call from Lisa at Adirondack Yarns today. There was a woman in the store looking to have a sweater that her sister knit her over 20 years ago recreated. Lisa called me. I'm very excited and yet a little nervous at the same time. She said it's a nice thick yarn and there are some cables. It sounds like a lot of fun. And, what's better than getting paid to something you absolutely love? The only thing that makes me nervous about knitting for pay is that I always worry about people liking what I've done. I guess that comes with being an anal retentive perfectionist freak. Wow, that's quite the mouthful isn't' it?


Leslie said...

Hey, Kerry :)

Today's vote is lace. I'm trying to do a "lacey" sock here - from the toe up on 2 circ's, having taken Ev's Creeping Vines pattern stitch, put it in excel then reversing the rows so that the pattern comes out right. Of course, I frogged it last night and started again.

Anyhow, have you posted your little secret pal poll in Townsend socks or another list? It's not that I don't want to win, but what sort of poll is it without a lot of input?

Have fun at the game you arpf, you!

Anonymous said...

Your Blog is great! I vote for Halloween Socks. Not even sure what my choices are, but?????????

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