Monday, September 19, 2005

Monster in the House

I have to do a little bragging today. My husband has applied for a job with our not-so-local power company. In order to be hired he needs more ASE certifications, one more certification for his inspectors license and his CDL. I brought home the study book for the CDL last week from DMV. He read through it once last week and then again last night. He went to DMV this morning, took the CDL with attachment and air brake tests and passed all three. I'm so proud of him. He always makes everything seem so easy.

Me...sometimes the things I set out to do end up kicking my ass. Like the Amble socks for instance. They're coming along nicely now. But man, they've been a long time in the making. I think part of the problem was that I started with the preconceived notion that they were going to be difficult. They really aren't. The pattern is well written and other than the fact that I couldn't take them with me while I was working the leg because the pattern was too long for me to memorize. I also think that because I had so many other projects going at the same time that I wasn't focusing on them enough. Anywho, here it is today. Not bad huh? It fits very nicely so I'm really glad that I ripped it back out and added the stitches to it. I decided not to carry the pattern down the foot because of the twist stitches. I thought they might make the sock a little uncomfortable in my sneaker.

We have a monster in the house. It was born last Wednesday at dance class. It's being fed by my parents. 12 different shades of nail polish. How could they??? Dailaesse wants her fingers and toe fingers painted every day. Sometimes twice a day. I had to sit her down last night and explain to her that most women were lucky to get a manicure and pedicure once a week let alone once a day. We've agreed to spend quality time together each day painting her nails. And don't forget, there are 20 little fingers and 20 little toe fingers to paint each day. After all Darcie needs a day at the spa each day too. I love my girls.

Oh...I have even more exciting news! My secret pal wrote me last night. I can't wait to get to know her better. I've already got a package started for the secret pal I'm spoiling. This is too much fun!

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