Thursday, September 15, 2005


My dad had to go to Plattsburgh yesterday. He had some time to kill so he decided to go get a quick haircut at the salon in JC Penney's. When he got home last night I told him how nice it looked. He picked on me and said that he would have had me do it but after Dan losing half an eyebrow he thought it better to go to someone else. Funny, funny man my father is. We visited for a few minutes, had a really nice chat. The phone rang. I was getting ready to go anyways so he turned to go answer the phone. That's when I saw it. I'm not sure what the hell happened but there was about a 2 inch difference from one end of his neckline to the other. I waited for him to get off the phone. "Daddy, what the hell happened to the back of your head???", I ask. He puts his hand up to the back of his head and rubs. "Yeah, I thought it felt a little funny. What's wrong with it?", he asks. I told him. In between chuckles of course. I tell him that Dan's eyebrow is a lot less noticeable than the mess on his neck. "Dan's eyebrow is on the front of his face", he says. Point well taken. I'm not sure what it is with my family and hair lately but I'm telling you right now that I'm waiting for a bit before I go to the salon again. Just in case.

So we're all upstairs last night getting the kids ready for bed. Dan is in the hallway in his boxers making muscles. He's quite impressed with how "ripped" he's become since football started again. He's bragging about how the coach keeps telling him how strong he is, what an amazing player he is, how he's the only one who can do all the push ups...and on and on and on. Personally, I'm very proud of him and I never tire of hearing all about any of the kids accomplishments. I beam from ear to ear just like any other mom. That's MY boy. Darcie on the other hand tends to get a little jealous. Not right away mind you, it normally takes at least a half dozen repeats of the same brag to get her going. So Dan moves from his arms to his stomach. "Look at this buff bod", he says. And here it comes...Darcie says, "I think you better tell your coach you want a're missing 2 cans out of your six-pack."

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