Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Swan Lake

Today was Dailaesse's first day of dance class. It's called Creative Movement. Creative indeed. I have to tell you that there is nothing more adorable than watching a group of 3-4 year old little girls twirling around a room in little pink leotards...other than MY 2 year old twirling around the room in her favorite purple outfit. She refused to buy a leotard this past weekend. She didn't like them. She wrinkled her nose and promptly removed it from the cart as soon as I put it in. She wanted to wear her own clothes dance class. Leotards aren't a requirement so I didn't fight too hard to change her mind. Plus I figured if I bought it she wouldn't wear it and then it would just sit in her drawer until it was way too small and then get packed away in the basement in a couple years anyways. When class let out Dailaesse came running out and jumped into my arms. She told me she had so much fun and wants to go back tomorrow. (We may have a problem there as class is only once a week.) When we got in the van to pull away I heard her calling from behind me, "Mommy, I want a pink leotard like my friends have." I told her we'd go buy one this weekend. "And pink nail polish like my friends", she says. I promise to buy some of that this weekend as well. "And you will polish my fingernails for dance class Mommy?", she asks. I tell her of course I will. "And my toe fingers too? My friends have their toe fingernails polished", she says. Guess I'll be playing stylist to the star next week before dance class.

On to knitting news...

I've now made several of the braided neckpieces from the somewhat new Loop-d-Loop book. I had one left that was to be mine to wear with my camel wool coat this winter. That was until my friend called and said she wanted something really neat for her sister in law for her birthday. Yesterday. I went through all of my newly completed projects that I tuck away in a bin until I'm either ready to use them myself or ready to wrap them for gifts and pulled out the neckpiece. She loved it. But I wanted it. So I knit me a new one. It's worked in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Superchunky. I need to work in all those damned ends and of course it still needs to be blocked but what do you think? Cool, no? I also have one complete clog and one almost complete. I still promise to post pictures as soon as I felt them. I need to get them delivered soon so it won't be much longer. Honest.

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